Three people sustained injuries from an accident that occurred near Towanda at 6 pm on Saturday evening.

Reportedly, 72-year old Jan A. Adair and his passenger, 46-year old Manuel Juan Caldera Jr, were both driving along in a Ford F 150 and were headed in an easterly direction on Kansas 254. They drove through a left hand turn lane, the left shoulder of the highway and into the median where they collided with the other vehicle that was waiting to complete a left turn towards a southerly direction heading for Ohio.
The other vehicle belonging to Butler County Sheriff’s Department, a 2013 Dodge Charger, was driven by a 31-year old Kansas Deputy Sheriff. All the three parties involved were properly secured with seat belts at the time of the collision. Adair and Caldera are both from Wichita. All three persons were rushed to Wesley Medical Center for treatment. The deputy was said to have been brought in a stable condition and was shortly discharged after arrival.
Investigations are on-going as to what exactly transpired.
Kansas Supreme Court denies overturning initial conviction in fatal car crash
Kaston Hudgins has been convicted of unlawful fleeing from a police officer and a felony first degree murder for which he has been handed down two life sentences. When the decision was appealed, the Supreme Court rejected the plea and did not rule on the case citing insufficient cause for a new trial. Essentially, Hudgins’ convictions and sentence still stand and he has no other option but to oblige.
As per reports in the Houston Chronicle, Hudgins failed to yield to a police officer at a traffic stop and then sped away leading the officer on a pursuit which reached dangerous speeds of 120 mph. The high-speed car chases came to a tragic ending when the evading car rammed into the back of another car and killed both occupants of the other car.
The deceased were identified as 41-year old Teresa Kemp and her 13-year old daughter Taylor Kemp.
Truck collision
Society will not miss you Hudgins
State prosecutors and accident attorneys wasted no time in filing an appeal after a lower Court Judge ruled that blood sample evidence taken from a man without his consent should be voided because he was unconscious at the time. The man was involved in a fatal car crash and had been charged with involuntary manslaughter.
It was his fault though he was unconscious.
The court of appeals reversed the ruling citing the law does not apply to evidence collected by officers. It made its decision based on state statute which requires law enforcement officers to draw blood in cases of accidents resulting in serious injury or death. The blood samples tested positive for methamphetamine use.
Kansas State personal injury laws
According to Kansas City accident attorneys, it is important to note that Kansas state law includes a statute of limitations which dictates that a personal injury suit can only be filed within two years of the incident. In addition, liability and costs for damages in cases where both parties were partly at fault for the accident is decided on the basis of comparative fault in the state of Kansas and costs are spilt accordingly.
As far as car accidents are concerned, Kansas, like many other states in the nation is a no-fault state. This means that regardless of who was at fault for the occurrence of a car accident, all parties involved must seek compensation from their own auto-insurance providers. Only in cases of serious injuries can a lawsuit be filed against the faulty driver.
Kansas City accident attorneys say that Kansas has adopted the one-bite rule with respect to injuries caused due to dog bites. This dictates that in order for a victim to be compensated for a dog bite, he or she will have to prove that the owner of the dog was aware of the intent of the animal to bite.

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