There is an extensive set of laws that pertain exclusively to auto accidents in the state of California. These laws stipulate that in California, motorists should turn to their own auto insurers when seeking compensation for financial damages.
Only in extreme cases where one of the drivers was proven to be malicious and reckless, a lawsuit against that particular driver maybe filed. In most auto accident cases, it will ultimately be the auto insurance company that is responsible for paying for the damages.

The insurance game
According to Kern County accident lawyers, insurance adjustors are seasoned veterans highly trained in personal injury and auto accident laws. Not only do they know the laws but are extremely adept at saving their companies money. They do this by paying injured customers less than what they actually deserve to settle their auto – accident or personal injury case.
There are some things that victims should and shouldn’t do right after a car accident. Many a times, accident victims play right into the traps of insurance adjustors by telling them exactly what they want to hear.
What not to do after a California car accident
Here are some common mistakes people make after an accident that jeopardizes their accidentpersonal injury case not matter how fantastic their Bakersfield accident attorney is.
Apologizing unnecessarily:
Issuing an apology may seem like the humane and courteous thing to do, but as far as your accident case and legal technicalities are concerned. It is a big NO! An apology will be interpreted by your insurance adjustor as an admission of guilt, and subsequently you will get paid a fraction of what you actually deserve. After all, why would one say sorry if they didn’t do anything wrong?

Giving away too much information:
Insurance adjustors and state prosecutors are experts when it comes to twisting your word and using it against you in a court of law. Therefore, the wisest thing to do after an accident would be to not say much, or to not say anything at all. It is ok to not offer any comment whatsoever since you are not legally obligated to answer any questions at this point.
You may just politely decline to comment. In fact, law enforcement officers only begin questioning after issuing the Miranda warning, which in the statement includes the fact that whatever you say could be used against you in court. The warning also includes a statement on your right to consult an attorney prior to speaking to the police and during and after questioning. The Miranda warning also states that an attorney will be appointed to act on your behalf if you cannot afford one.
Taking on the legal battle by yourself:
As mentioned earlier, the laws governing accidents and personal injury lawsuits are not something you can learn overnight. You can bet your bottom dollar that your insurance company is extremely thorough with these laws. Therefore, it is prudent to have a committed and concrete California accident lawyer on your side to be able to compete.
A Bakersfield, CA accident lawyer can prove invaluable in helping you receive the damages that you rightfully deserve. Where you find one? Right here:

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