Peter Van Eckhardt, a California Highway Patrol Officer is currently hospitalized and being treated at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for injuries he sustained when his patrol car was rear ended by another vehicle as he was leaving the scene of an another accident, as reported by The accident is reported to have occurred in Marina Bay Parkway on interstate 580, on its westbound lanes.

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Bad driving, clearly
According to witness reports, Eckhardt had finished assisting with an accident and got into his patrol car and was reversing out of the accident site when his car was rear ended by another vehicle travelling west at considerable speeds. A witness called 911 and reported what had happened, following which, the interstate was closed to public access while an air ambulance flew to the crash site and airlifted the injured officer to John Muir Medical Center.
Healthcare professionals at the medical facility have confirmed that Officer Eckhardt has sustained head injuries, but maintain that he is in a stable, non-life threatening state, and is expected to make a complete and quick recuperation.
California limousine accident leaves 11 people hurt
An accident that occurred in Santa Clarita, California in the close proximity of interstate highway 5 has injured eleven people, five of whom have sustained serious injuries and are in critical condition. The accident is reported to have happened when a limousine transporting 9 occupants ploughed into two cars that were travelling in an easterly direction. According to investigators, the crash occurred while the limousine was attempting to exit Interstate 5 and make its way on to Newhall Ranch Road. Witnesses say the limousine was a white colored model.
As reported by, the two persons who have reportedly sustained critical, life- threatening injuries were both occupants of the limousine. The driver and passengers travelling in the other two vehicles involved in the accident escaped with minor injuries. Investigators are still trying to determine what exactly caused the accident.
Paramedics preparing a stretcher for a wounded car accident victim
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The victims that suffered the worst fate as a result of the accident are currently being treated at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Olive view – UCLA Medical Center and Providence Holy Cross Medical Center.
California accident laws
According to Walnut Creek, CA accident attorneys, there is an abundance of legislation governing the issues of auto accidents and personal injury claims in the state of California. The extensive set of laws, filing requirements and other technicalities involved when it comes to filing accident claims seeking damages makes it imperative to appoint a qualified California accident attorney.
At the same time, it is important for residents to make themselves familiar with at least some of the most basic accident laws such as the “comparative fault law” in effect in California and also the statute of limitations in California. Basically, the statute of limitation dictates that any claim filed after two years (for personal injury) and three years (for property damage) will be dismissed in its entirety.
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