When a driver acts negligently and this negligence causes another person to suffer any form of loss, the victim is entitled to receive compensation for their losses. A person can claim damages in California for both their economic damages and their non-economic damages. Economic damages include vehicle repair, lost income, lost earning capacity, loss of business, loss of employment, and even burial expenses.

Non-economic expenses include pain and suffering, disability, emotional distress, disfigurement, mental anguish, and inconvenience. In California, there is no legal limit to how much a person can claim regarding their non-economic damages.

What are the accident reporting requirements in California?

All drivers who are involved in the accident must stop at the scene of the accident and make sure everyone involved is okay. Drivers must make sure that no one was injured, and if anyone was hurt, they should be given proper aid immediately.

According to the California Vehicle Code, drivers involved in a car accident must make a written report regarding the crash. This report must be submitted to the California Highway Patrol or to a police department where the accident occurred. If the accident caused injuries to a person, the death of a person, or if the accident caused above $750 of vehicle and property damage then it must be reported to the DMV within 10 days of the accident occurring.

The accident report must include the name and addresses of the drivers and anyone who was injured. They must also include the time, date, and location of the accident. Personal details such as the birth date and driver’s license information should also be included alongside an explanation of all the damage and injuries that took place.

For legal reasons, it is always a smart idea to contact an accident lawyer in Acampo, California before actually filing the report because a lawyer will be able to advise a person on what points they should include and which points are not necessary. Many times, individuals who try to make the report themselves end up leaving out essential details and this can complicate matters when it comes to receiving a settlement for the damages suffered.

To make sure that a person has enough evidence to prove they were not at-fault for the accident, they should do everything in their power to document the evidence they have at hand as efficiently as possible. They should make sure to take photographs of the accident scene from various angels so no important information is left out. They should also take pictures of the traffic controls, visual obstacles, damage to the road or other property nearby, and any relevant traffic signs as well.