Do I need to hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident?
A motorcycle accident injury lawyer in California can be beneficial to both parties involved in an accident. Whether you caused the crash or are the victim of an accident, you do want to consider taking on legal aid regardless of the role you played in the accident. Here’s why.
If your reckless actions or negligent behavior led to an accident occurring and the victim suffered serious or life-threatening injuries, there are various reasons why you want to hire a Carlsbad, CA accident lawyer. Some of these reasons include:

  • They will be there to represent you in the event a lawsuit is brought against you on behalf of the injured party. Injured victims who suffer from disabilities or disfigurements resulting from an accident are entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit to collect compensation for the damages they have incurred.
  • Help you organize and prepare for court.
  • They can help you understand your rights in the matter as well as protect them.
  • Assist in getting you compensation you might need for your injuries and/or property damages.
  • Prevent any blame from being placed on you if you weren’t guilty.
  • Our accident attorneys can help prove if the comparative negligence law should come into effect.

The comparative negligence law holds parties involved in an accident liable for the percentage of the accident they contributed to causing. For example, if it is determined that you are responsible for causing 80% of the accident, you are still able to collect 20% in damages even though your actions were more influential in initiating the incident. This can often get complicated which is why you need a lawyer representing you who understands the comparative negligence law and will ensure you aren’t charged for the entire accident given you were only partially at-fault.
The state of California identifies itself as a no-fault state which means fault must be proven before compensation is awarded to the party claiming themselves as the victim. Therefore, before you take the blame, let it be proven first.

What if I am the victim of a motorcycle accident?

If you are on the other side of the coin in the matter and have suffered from serious and debilitating injuries, you also want to hire a Carlsbad, California accident attorney. Before any compensation can be awarded, it must first be proven that someone else caused your accident. Once this is identified, you may learn that the initiator of the accident isn’t carrying enough insurance coverage. Therefore, if you want to take further action and attempt to collect more money for the significant damage that has been done both physically and financially, you will want to file a personal injury lawsuit.
Filing a lawsuit in the state of California isn’t the easiest of tasks as there is a process that must be followed along with a timeframe to get it done. Personal injury suits are often viewed as a civil suit so it will need to be filed in a civil courthouse within two years from when the accident transpired.
To access a list of civil court houses in the state of California, click here.
If you would like to begin your search for a local accident and injury lawyer in the city of Carlsbad, CA, is ready to assist you.