You were just involved in an auto accident in Carson, CA and you have learned that you will need ongoing medical treatment and possibly even therapy to help mend your injuries and get you back on your feet. While you know your injuries require this medical attention, you probably are wondering whether it is going to be covered by your auto insurance, health insurance, or even the policy held by the other driver that was involved. It’s normal to consider this as medical treatment and doctor’s visits can become rather costly depending on the type of care needed.
Because strives to provide you with current and relevant information, below we will explain how you can get your medical bills compensated for in the event you were recently involved in an accident. Keep in mind that we can also connect you with a local accident attorney in Carson, CA who can sit down and speak with you regarding your particular accident

Who pays for medical expenses that arise from an auto accident?

Insurance companies offer different types of policies that serve as a form of protection in the event their insured gets involved in an accident. In the state of California, insurers offer what is known as Med Pay, or Medical Payments Coverage, and while it is not required to be purchased, it is beneficial to have as it will cover any incurred medical costs in the event you or any of your passengers are involved in a collision. As you know, the cost of medical treatment is extremely high and your personal health insurance may not be enough to cover these costs.
This is why many individuals choose to add Med Pay coverage onto their policy. In the event you were involved in an accident with another driver and they are at-fault for causing the accident, you also have the option of filing a claim through their insurance. So, to sum it up, there are three ways you can get your medical expenses covered that have arisen from an auto accident. These include:

  1. Med Pay
  2. Health insurance
  3. Filing a claim through the at-fault party’s insurance company


What if my injuries are serious or life-threatening?

If you feel that the compensation your insurance carrier and that of the other party isn’t enough to cover what your damages are worth, you also have the option of taking legal recourse and filing a personal injury lawsuit. As a resident of Carson, CA, you can either file a claim through Small Claims Court or have a reputable and dedicated accident and injury attorney in Carson assist with getting a lawsuit filed.
The Small Claims Court that caters to residents of Carson, CA is located at:
Compton Courthouse
200 West Compton Blvd.
Compton, CA 90220
When trying to decide whether you should file a claim or lawsuit, remember, it all comes down to how much you are looking to collect for your injuries. If you aren’t sure as to what you believe your injuries are worth, now is the time to discuss your matter with one of our attorneys.
Auto accidents tend to leave victims suffering for periods much longer than they expect, however, many often neglect to take this into account when settling their claim and having it closed out for good. So, to be sure you are aware of all your options, we suggest that you contact us so we can place you in touch with an accident attorney in Carson, California now. All of our featured lawyers provide free, no-obligation consultations so call us to take advantage of yours today.