Single vehicle accidents are a common occurrence in Chino, California and so are those involving multiple automobiles. While it is generally easier to identify who or what caused an accident when only one car was involved, it is often a complex process to determine fault in an accident involving multiple vehicles. That brings us to the following question:

Who is responsible for paying for damages in a multi-vehicle car crash?

The person who is found at-fault for causing an accident is the person who is responsible for compensating the cost the damages amount to. In other words, when a person is found guilty, whether they were speeding, driving too closely, or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their insurance company is expected to pick up the costs to have your vehicle repaired and your medical bills covered. Why? California follows at-fault insurance laws which mean those who are liable for an accident are responsible for paying for the accident.
On the contrary, some states follow no-fault insurance laws which means you would have your own insurance company cover your injuries, regardless of who was found at-fault.
If you or anyone you know recently engaged in an unfortunate accident that has led to severe vehicle damage and/or serious injuries, it is important they become aware of their rights in the matter. Although an accident victim is eligible to have their damages compensated for, they often don’t receive enough from the insurance company. Our accident attorneys in Chino, California can inform you of your rights and even provide you with an estimate as to how much your damages are worth.

Determining fault in a multi-vehicle collision

Now that you know that the at-fault driver is going to be held responsible, that person must be identified before payment can be provided from their insurance company. The trouble with multi-vehicle accidents is that it can sometimes be rather difficult to determine who is to blame for causing an accident that involved four or five cars.
Motorists who are often at-fault aren’t exactly quick to take the blame which can make things harder to figure out. Even with a police report written up, sometimes, insurance companies don’t know who to hold accountable which is why they sometimes hire an accident investigator to reenact what happened which can then help determine who caused it to occur. Accident investigators will generally look at:

  • The accident site where they will take measurements of the evidence that is left by the vehicles such as the impact point, final resting positions, skid marks, scrub marks, and gouge marks. This evidence is then inputted into a computer where a reconstruction of the accident is formed.
  • The damage that was done to the vehicles.

[Source: Crash Forensics].
Once the investigation is complete, the insurance company will have a better idea of who is to be held at-fault.
To be sure your best interest is taken into account and that you receive what you are rightfully due, we do suggest that you at least consult with a local accident lawyer in Chino, CA who can assure your damages are not overlooked. works to pair individuals such as yourself up with the top accident attorneys in the city of Chino. Contact us today to take advantage of the free assistance we provide.