Although crosswalks were developed to help protect pedestrians when crossing the street, they sometimes give off a false sense of security as many individuals think that drivers will stop just because the crosswalk is clearly defined. Sadly, this isn’t the case as many accidents occur while pedestrians are crossing the street at the designated crosswalks.
Were you seriously injured while crossing the street in Chula Vista, California? Did a careless driver fail to abide by the traffic laws and forget to yield at the crosswalk you were crossing? While you may be in recovery mode and trying to get through each day, it is important to be aware of what rights you have as a citizen of Chula Vista and what you can do to combat against this reckless behavior. Our Chula Vista, California accident attorney can inform of you this.

What types of injury claims can be filed on behalf of a victim involved in a pedestrian-related accident?

Drivers have responsibilities to follow and laws to abide by. When they fail to do so, consequences need to be pushed and you should receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
There are many factors that will determine what your injury claim is worth if you were hit by a vehicle. Some factors that play a role in how severe your injuries were include:

  • The speed of the vehicle.
  • The angle of impact of the vehicle upon the pedestrian.
  • The center of gravity of the pedestrian.
  • The area of the body that first comes into contact with the automobile.
  • The vehicle design.

Many accident claims that have already been filed involved those who suffered from trauma to the head, legs, and even pelvis. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, children who are involved in these types of accidents often suffer from neck and head injuries as opposed to adults who suffer more from musculoskeletal injuries.
But, every accident is different and everyone handles the injuries in a different way. Some individuals are able to pull through and receive the proper care and treatment that can heal their pain and suffering while others are forced to live out their life with some level of discomfort.
If this is something you are experiencing and would like to learn more about the various forms of compensation you might be able to collect, give us a call here at We sympathize with accident victims and understand how hard it might be for you right now. This is why we offer you the service of helping you find a local accident lawyer in Chula Vista for free.

What steps can I take to further protect myself as a pedestrian in Chula Vista, California?

It is always a good idea to revisit some ways to keep you and your family safe as the roadways have become a rather dangerous place. If you find yourself crossing the street be sure to keep these tips in mind that have been provided by the City of Chula Vista.

  • Look both ways before crossing the street.
  • When traveling with small children, always hold their hand when crossing the street.
  • Wait for gaps in traffic rather than rely on crosswalks to protect you.
  • Ensure all traffic has come to a complete stop before crossing.
  • Be mindful of turning cars when crossing the road.
  • Always cross at intersections.
  • Remain on the curb until it is safe to cross.

And if you have any questions pertaining your accident or you wish to hire an accident lawyer in Chula Vista who can help with your claim, we are ready to place you in contact with some of the best professionals in the field.