How do I know if my insurance company is handling my car accident claim fairly?
You are going to want to ask yourself a few things that might help you determine if your insurer is handling your claim properly. Some things to consider might include:

  • The period of time it is taking them to process it.

Even though insurance companies are responsible for handling various types of claims and have many coming in on a daily basis, you should be placed as a priority seeing you are a paying policy holder. In most cases, there isn’t a set timeframe for how long it will take to get your claim processed, however, most insurance companies are able to provide benefits within a few days or even a few weeks. Again, you have to take into consideration who was involved and the extent of the damages and/or injuries. If the insurance company needs to obtain doctors notes, repair estimates, and police reports, it can take some time before they get your claim finalized.

  • Is your insurance adjuster pressuring you to accept the settlement they offered?

While some insurance companies provide their claimants with the utmost respect and good quality service, sometimes, they are only looking out for their best interest, not yours. This means that they may derive at an estimated value for your damage quickly and then request that you accept their settlement offer. But our accident attorneys in Clovis, California advise you to be leery of just accepting an offer until you have had the damage estimated first. Many insurers will provide a low-ball settlement and once you agree to it and accept it, you are stuck with it.

  • Is your insurance carrier being unreasonable with the amount they are offering?

If you received an estimate for what your damage is worth and you can tell right off the bat that something isn’t right with their computing, don’t agree to anything or sign off on any documents until you have one of our accident lawyers in Clovis, California read it through.
Basically, your accident claim may be delayed or take longer than expected if:

  • You are not happy with your coverage.
  • You are dissatisfied with the body repair shop.
  • You don’t have the money to pay up front for your deductible.
  • A lack of effective communication with your agent or the others involved in the accident.

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Remember, your accident and the circumstances surrounding it will all affect how long it takes your insurance company to process your accident claim. You also have to be mindful that some insurance carriers work more effectively than others so that too will come into play. But, if you feel you need a legal representative to step in and get things moving with your accident claim, don’t hesitate to contact
We know how difficult it can be to locate a reputable accident attorney in the city of Clovis, CA which is why we have agents who will gladly help you do so for free.