Do I tell my employer I was involved in a work accident?
You were involved in an accident at work and the first thing that crosses your mind aside from your injuries is whether or not you need to report the accident to your employer. The fact is, if you fail to report the incident to your employer and you learn a few days or even weeks later that you did injure yourself, your employer may be doubtful that you incurred those injuries in a work-related accident. And although not all work accidents are serious, you may be entitled to compensation for any injury you may have sustained.
The best thing to do once you engage in any sort of accident while at work or on the job is to report the incident to your employer immediately. Employers have their own procedures they are required to follow to ensure they are complying with state laws and you are going to want them to file a claim for you immediately so you can start receiving your benefits. And when you report your injury to your employer, you reduce the chance of having any problems occur or experience a delay in receiving the benefits that could truly help your situation right now.

What constitutes as a work accident that qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits?

Any accident that occurs while you are working on the clock or for an employer should entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits. Some common types of accident that occur in the workplace or on the clock include:

  • Slip and falls, especially from high altitudes.
  • Roadway accidents
  • Overexertion
  • Being struck by a moving or falling object
  • Getting crushed by heavy equipment or machinery
  • Roadway crashes
  • Work-related illnesses including being exposed to asbestos as well as hazardous chemicals.

When a worker develops and illness form their job or becomes injured, they are generally provided with coverage in order to receive medical care and medication, compensation that covers a percentage of your weekly salary or pay rate in the event you aren’t able to work, and even temporary or permanent disability benefits.

What if my employer doesn’t want to file a workers’ compensation claim for me?

Now, if you approached your employer and notified them of the accident you were involved in but they seem as though they don’t want to file a claim on your behalf, you may need to consult with an accident attorney in Concord, California. Although there are some employers who aren’t required to carry workers’ comp insurance or provide these benefits to injured workers, most cases permit you to receive these benefits. And don’t let your employer fool you into believing that part of your paycheck is required to go towards your workers’ comp benefits. That isn’t how it works. They have the coverage and they provide it to you when your work injury meets all criteria to be treated as a work injury claim.
If you wish to learn more about whether your employer is required to file a work injury claim or what your benefits are, let us get you connected with a local work accident lawyer in Concord, CA now.