Car crashes are the leading cause of death here in the U.S and the number of teen drivers engaging in auto accidents continues to skyrocket. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Research says distracted driving is what is causing so many teens to become injured and even die in these accidents that continue to occur. Not only are teen drivers inexperienced and still learning the roadway rules which already places them at risk, but they are engaging in things that cause them to become distracted from the roadway leading up to these accidents [Source: AAA Foundation].
While all teen drivers are at risk for engaging in an accident, “new teen drivers ages 16-17 years old are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash” says the Village News.
Was your teen the victim to a deadly accident in Downey, California? Are you unsure as to what your rights are and what forms of legal action you can take given that your teen was driving while distracted?
Because the laws get a bit cloudy when distracted driving was the cause of the accident, you are going to want to hire a Downey, California accident lawyer to step in and help. In some cases, the cell phone company could be held liable while in other cases, the other party involved might be held partially liable for the accident. Just because your teen may have been texting or talking on their cellphone doesn’t mean they fully responsible for the accident.
However, there is a flipside to this scenario.

Can the injured party sue my teen?

Although every state has its own laws surrounding who can and cannot be sued for causing an accident, when it comes to teen drivers, the State of California holds their parents responsible in the event they caused an auto accident because of a negligent or wrongful act. This could include texting and driving. According to Vehicle Code 17707., “Any civil liability of a minor arising out of his driving a motor vehicle upon a highway during his minority is hereby imposed upon the person who signed and verified the application of the minor for a license and the person shall be jointly and severally liable with the minor for any damages.”
This means that if a teen was texting and driving and it can be proven that they were behaving negligently in such a way that had caused an accident to occur, their parents do face the risk of being held accountable for their actions. And if you are the parent to a teen who caused a serious auto accident, it is crucial for you and your family to hire a local Downey, California accident attorney as you could be taken to civil court where you may wind up being forced to pay thousands and thousands of dollars in damages for the injuries your teen caused to another driver.
If you would like some assistance in locating an accident and injury attorney in the city of Downey, CA, is here to help you. As unfortunate as the situation might be, you want to go in with a legal representative on your side seeing you are being held accountable for an act your teen is responsible for committing. Our accident lawyers will be sure to provide you with the best legal representation that is available to ensure your rights are being protected throughout the case.