How can bicycle laws affect the outcome of a traffic accident?
As a bicycle rider in the state of California, you need to be aware of the laws that apply to you as they could affect whether or not you are compensated in an accident. Bicycle accidents often result in serious and life-threatening injuries leaving the cyclist struggling to pick up the pieces to their once put together life they had. But, because California operates under at-fault insurance laws, you can’t hold a driver liable for your damages if you contributed to causing the accident. That is where the state laws come into play.
Some of California’s laws that apply to bicyclists include:

  1. Bicyclists are subjected to the same laws that apply to drivers. Someone who rides a bike cannot do so under the influence of any type of drug or alcohol. Because bikers are regarded in the same manner as a driver, the same laws apply to them.

[Source: Vehicle Code Article 4, 21200].

  1. If a bicycle lane has been established, the biker needs to operate their mode of transportation using it. A bicyclist can move out of the lane in the event they need to pass another biker or a pedestrian. Caution and safety must be exercised when doing so.

[Source: Vehicle Code, Article 4, 21208].

  1. Ride with traffic.
  2. Stay on the right side of the roadway.


What does at-fault mean to a bicyclist?

Because fault must be established in an accident before an insurance company is going to compensate for the damages caused, you need to know whether you played a role in causing it. If you broke one or more of the laws mentioned above or another that is not listed, our accident lawyers in El Cajon, CA acknowledge that that will determine what you are entitled to receive.
Aside from the at-fault insurance laws, California also recognizes the comparative negligence law which means your percentage of fault will be used to reduce the insurance payout you are awarded. So, even if you played the slightest role in causing the accident, whatever percent that might be will be used against you. For example, if the insurance company awarded you $10,000 for your injuries and it was determined that you were 10% accountable, your awarded amount will be reduced by $1,000.
Obviously if you weren’t at-fault but the other driver is trying to pin some of the blame on you, you will want to have an accident lawyer in El Cajon representing you who can rebut these claims.

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