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How can I file an accident claim against the city of Escondido, CA?

The first thing you must determine before you can officially file a claim is whether or not the city is responsible for your unfortunate mishap. They are going to want to know what happened and will need to determine if someone was negligent in some way which resulted in your accident occurring.
Some examples of types of accidents in which you may be able to hold the city accountable for include:

  • Side walk trips or slips. Let’s say you were walking down the sidewalk and tripped and fell. You injure yourself and were required to seek medical treatment for your condition. The only way you can hold the city liable for your slip and fall accident is if negligence was a contributing factor. The streets and sidewalks can sometimes be unsafe and that doesn’t mean the city had anything to do with your accident transpiring. But, if the sidewalk was broken or could be identified as a hazard and the city knew about it but failed to take any sort of action, then you may have a viable claim on your hands.

Of course, you are going to need proof and this and that is where our skilled and reliable accident attorneys in Escondido, CA come into the picture. A lawyer’s job is to prove their client was harmed by the city or any other negligent party when a personal injury claim is filed and they will do just that if you choose to enlist their help.

  • A city worker harmed you in a vehicular accident. These types of accidents do occur and sometimes a city worker is the one responsible for causing the crash. While the claims process may be similar to that of your average car accident, they city handles accident cases using their own process.

Not only will you be required to follow the city of Escondido’s claims process, but you are limited with the amount of time you can bring your claim forward. According to the California Courts, you have six months, and in some cases a year, to file a claim against a government agency, including the city. You can click here to obtain a copy of the claims form that can be submitted either in person or through the mail.
The address where this form can be mailed or hand delivered to is provided below:
City of Escondido
201 North Broadway Escondido, CA 92025-2798
Whether you are seeking information pertaining to a recent accident that occurred on city property or wish to speak with a legal representative who can answer your questions, we have you covered. We work with some of the best Escondido, CA accident lawyers in the field and would gladly place you in touch with them so that you can chose someone who is most suitable to assist with your matter.