Car Accident Checklist
Many people make checklists to help with grocery shopping, when packing for a vacation, and even for things they need to purchase for work or school. But how many people make a checklist after a car accident occurs and how many can say they actually know what would belong on that list?
While some might, others aren’t exactly sure which is why is here to provide you with his information. 
Accidents can be traumatic and leave you uncertain as to what to do in order to get the situation under control. So, we have created a checklist for you to refer to or modify should you have your own already.

What should I do after engaging in an accident in Fairfield, California?


  1. Check to ensure everyone involved in the accident is safe and uninjured.
  2. If your vehicle, motorcycle, or truck is sticking out and is a hazard to you or the other drivers on the roadway, try and move it out of the way if possible. If you aren’t able to, at least make an attempt to get out of the vehicle to avoid being harmed. When an officer arrives, whether it is someone from the Fairfield Police Department or California Highway Patrol, allow them to instruct you on what to do.
  3. Call 911 so an officer can come out and assess the accident scene.
  4. Take photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and the damages done.
  5. Collect all pertinent information from those involved. Don’t leave out any key information that might be needed for your accident claim. This includes names, license plate numbers, contact information, insurance information, etc.
  6. Tend to your injuries.
  7. Report your accident to your insurance company.
  8. File a Traffic Accident Report with the California Department of Motor Vehicles if your accident resulted in property damage amounting to more than $1,000 or if someone was injured or killed within 10 days after the accident transpired. You can access this report form by clicking here.
  9. Obtain a copy of your police report to have for your own records as well as if you want to compare information on it. Sometimes a police report might contain information pertaining to the accident that you feel is false or inaccurate. If you elected to hire an accident lawyer in Fairfield, CA, they can work to dispute the discrepancy, otherwise you can contact the department to further discuss the issue. If your accident occurred on a highway, you can obtain a copy of the crash report by clicking here. You will then want to either mail it in or submit it in person by visiting your local office at:
(365) Solano

3050 Travis Blvd.
Fairfield, CA 94534
(707) 428-2100
Once you have gathered all the information you need and have kept in contact with your insurance company or that of the other party, you should be on your way to getting your claim paid. However, sometimes accident victims would prefer to have a helping hand from a professional who has been exposed to the law and understands it more clearly. That is where our Fairfield, CA accident attorneys come in.
Our accident and injury lawyers in Fairfield have helped accident injury victims with things like getting their claim filed through their insurance company all the way to filing suit against a negligent driver who caused the accident. We can help you get in contact with a local attorney now in your area free of charge who can assist with any aspect of your case.