Distracted driving has become the root of many auto accidents that occur in the state of California. Drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road and using their cellphones to talk and text contribute to the growing number of auto accidents that transpire each year. In 2016, the California Department of Motor Vehicles reported 12 deadly crashes that occurred that stemmed from distracted driving involving a cellphone. In 2015, 500 injuries were reported and 700 property damage collisions transpired in the state for the same cause according to kcra.com.
Because these accidents are so prevalent in today’s day and age, you should be aware of what you can do to protect yourself in the event you are injured by a distracted driver. One of the best ways you can protect yourself is if you elect to hire an accident lawyer working in the city of Fontana, California. We have connections with some of the best legal representatives in the field and would be more than willing to help you find someone who is able to help you get an accident claim filed.

What California state laws are used to penalize drivers who use their cellphones?

Assembly Bill 1785 states that drivers are not permitted to their cell phones while driving in Fontana, CA unless it is a hands-free device or through voice-operated commands. Cell phones must also be mounted to the windshield or dashboard for those motorists who plan on using them while on the road. If a driver is caught violating the law, they are looking at a $20 fine for their first offense and $50 for the second.
While this might not seem like a lot, if you consider how many accidents are caused by those using cell phones, these fines and fees will increase just as your chances of engaging in an accident do when you use your cellphone.

How much am I entitled to when injured by a distracted driver?

If you can prove that the driver who caused your accident was using their cellphone, it could help speed up the process of getting your accident claim finalized. However, when it comes to the amount you are entitled to receive, that all depends on the circumstances surrounding your accident. Some things that will determine your claim value include:

  • Who was at-fault.
  • The injuries you sustained.
  • The damage done to your vehicle or property.
  • If a death occurred as a result of the accident.

A Fontana, California accident lawyer can help provide you with an estimate as to what your claim might be worth so you are encouraged to contact one of the professionals that is featured on our site immediately.

What can I do to help prevent an accident from occurring?

Lax and inattentive drivers are generally the ones who engage in an accident more commonly than those who are defensive. It is important that as a driver in Fontana, California you are cognizant, careful, and displaying qualities of a defensive driver to help prevent from engaging in a crash. Below are some tips to consider that can help you become a more defensive driver.

  • Plan ahead
  • Always scan your surroundings
  • Brake early
  • Never go on the offense
  • Don’t get distracted

To read a more in depth description of these tips, visit Geico’s site by clicking here.