If you were injured or lost a loved one and you believe it was brought on by the California Department of Transportation(Caltrans) and the claim is $10,000 or less, you are going to want to follow this process.

  1. Fill out form LD-0274, Claims Against Department of Transportation for Amounts of $10,000 or Less. You click here to access this form.


  1. Send your completed form along with any supporting documents to the appropriate Caltrans District Claims Office. Because Fremont is located in Alameda County, your district office is located in District 4 and the address is:

P.O. Box 23660
Oakland, CA 94623-0660
While it may seem like a simple process, there is often much more that goes into filing a claim against a state or government agency which is why we encourage you to schedule your free consultation with an accident lawyer in the city of Fremont. We can help you get connected with a professional now who is qualified and capable of helping you through this entire process.

Injured in an accident you believe the city of Fremont is responsible for?

If you wish to file a claim against the City of Fremont, you will need to do so either by submitting the appropriate form or allowing one of our accident attorneys in Fremont to help you. The form can be found by clicking here and you will need some information to get this completed. Some of the information that is required on the form includes:

  • Your personal information.
  • When the damage or injury occurred.
  • Place of occurrence.
  • What happened and why you believe the city is responsible.
  • A description of the damage or loss.
  • Total amount claimed.

Once the form is completed, you are going to want to submit it along with any other required documentation to:
The City Clerk’s Office
3300 Capitol Avenue
Fremont, California 94538
While it may have been easy to determine that the city was the cause of your accident, trying to identify how much you are looking to claim might be more of a challenge. It is always best to have an experienced Fremont accident lawyer help you out with this.
Some different types of accidents that may permit you to hold the city accountable for include:

  • Accidents that occur on poorly maintained sidewalks.
  • Accidents that transpire on city property.
  • Incidents caused by a city worker.
  • Accident brought on by poor road quality and conditions.


Were you or someone you love injured in another type of accident?

Now, if you weren’t involved in an accident in which you trying to hold the city accountable for, that’s okay. Our Fremont, CA accident lawyers can help with many other types of accident cases. From boating accidents to those involving product liability, the Fremont accident lawyers we can connect you with are skilled in the field of accident law.
Give us a call today to learn how we can help you and get you paired up with a local lawyer in your city.