If you are looking to sue a driver for compensatory damages after they failed to yield the right of way which caused your accident, you can do so in the state of California. Anyone looking to bring a lawsuit against another driver can benefit from hiring an accident attorney in Fullerton, CA seeing that they are familiar with the litigation process as well as the civil court system.
It is important that every driver respect the right of way when driving to avoid engaging in an accident. Bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycle riders especially need to keep a watchful eye out when approaching an intersection and shouldn’t assume that motorists see them or are going to respect the right of way. Many drivers operate their vehicles as though they always have the right of way and fail to adhere to the roadway rules in Fullerton, California.

What does it mean when someone has the right of way?

The right of way is the “legal right of a pedestrian or vehicle to proceed with precedence over others in a particular situation or place” [Source: Google]. For example, when automobiles are merging onto the highway, they must remember that they are veering into flowing traffic and are responsible for respecting the right of way of that traffic that is already present on the highway. Another example is when there is a four way stop. Every driver is given their chance to proceed past the stop sign yet if someone is impatient and doesn’t want to wait their turn, they might try and go when it is another motorist’s chance to do so.
While some right of away accidents are mere fender benders and are easily settled with your insurance company, sometimes, these accidents are much more serious and can even turn fatal. Therefore, if you or anyone present in the vehicle with you sustained injuries and you would like to file suit against the driver who has caused this pain and suffering, we have accident lawyers in Fullerton who are ready to help you.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit in a California civil court

Most lawsuits filed against individuals who brought upon injuries are done so in civil court. According to The Superior County of California, County of Orange, a lawsuit that is filed for more than $25,000 is considered an “unlimited” civil action and any lawsuit that is for $25,000 or less is called a “limited” civil action. If your injury claim is for $10,000 or less, you would then be required to file your claim in Small Claims Court.
Before making assumptions on what your injuries and pain is worth, let an accident and injury attorney in Fullerton, CA associated with USAttorneys.com aid you in deriving at an amount that you are comfortable with.

Our accident lawyers in Fullerton can prove your injuries are worth the compensation you are demanding.

Accident victims offer suffer from harsh injuries that affect them both physically and mentally. The other parties who brought upon the accident don’t exactly get to see how much pain they have inflicted on a victim which is why you want a well-versed accident attorney working by your side. Our lawyers can help you piece together your story so that the judge and the negligent driver gets a glimpse into the life you now live as opposed to the life you once had before your accident.
We are available to take your call now and find you the right accident or personal injury lawyer in the city of Fullerton to take on your case.