If you were injured while on the job and you are looking to collect workers’ compensation benefits, you must inform your employer and fill out the necessary forms before any benefits can be awarded. While some injuries don’t arise until a few days after an accident has occurred, it is vital you let your employer know you engaged in an accident while on the clock.

Filing a Claim Form for a Work Accident in Garden Grove, CA

Every state has their own process that must be followed for workers who sustain an injury while on the job or for a family member who is looking to collect benefits for their loved one who was killed in a work accident. In the state of California, who must fill out the required form first and a claims adjuster is required to contact you within 14 days from filing to notify you as to whether your claim was accepted or denied. If your claim is denied, a Garden Grove, CA accident lawyer can help you with the dispute process. In fact, these attorneys can assist you with your workers’ comp claim even if it was approved just to make things easier for you.
To access a copy of the form for your claim, click here.

What happens once I file a claim for a work-related accident?

While you are waiting for the decision to be made by the claims administrator, your employer should provide you with up to $10,000 for treatment for your injury one working day after you submit your claim form. Because work related injuries might require immediate medical care, you should be receiving this from your employer to avoid prolonging the care you might be needing right now.
Now, sometimes, the workers’ compensation claims process doesn’t always run as smoothly as we would like which makes the matter harder to deal with and much more stressful. This is why it would truly benefit you to hire a nearby Garden Grove, California accident attorney who can manage your claim and step in when an issue or dispute arises. If you are suffering with an injury, especially one that is serious, the last thing you should have to deal with is a noncompliant employer or claims adjuster.

What will happen if I am no longer able to complete the work tasks I once could after my injury?

In some workers’ comp situations, an employee working in Garden Grove might sustain an injury that leads to a permanent disability. While a permanent disability does qualify you to collect benefits from your employer, you might not be able to complete the work-related tasks your job requires of you. If your work accident has led to a permanent injury and “your employer does not offer regular, modified, or alternative work, you may qualify for a nontransferable voucher payable for retraining and/or skill enhancement” according to the State of California Department of Industrial Relations.
Work-related accidents can be detrimental to those who lose a loved one or to the employee who incurs an injury that has them suffering with physical and emotional pain. To ensure your rights are upheld and exercised properly, we suggest you schedule a free case review with an experienced Garden Grove accident and injury lawyer and learn just how helpful they can be to you right now.