Daycare Center Accidents in Hawthorne, CA

There is a long list of laws and regulations that daycare centers in Hawthorne, California must go through in order to be licensed by the state and granted permission to be open and operating. The reason being is that daycare centers begin caring for infants who are only weeks old all the way up to toddlers age five and younger. To ensure these daycares are actually qualified to be caring for these young and curious children, they must go through the lengthy process to receive their license from California’s Department of Social Services (DSS).
Some of the regulations the DSS has set forth for daycares is the capacity of children that are allowed to be attending. Capacity refers to the maximum number of children that are authorized to be under the care of a worker in a licensed child care facility. Violating this one regulation is one of the reasons why accidents occur. If the child to teacher ratio is too high, the teacher/caregiver isn’t going to be able to care for each child in an effective manner. Plenty of accidents have occurred where children fall from high areas they have no business being in simply because the daycare worker was preoccupied with all the other children.
Did your child sustain an injury in a fall that occurred while they were at daycare? Do you feel the accident could have been prevented but wasn’t because the employee was inattentive or careless? If so, it is highly recommended that you speak with a local Hawthorne, CA accident attorney today to discuss what forms of legal recourse you can take. will gladly connect you with a nearby accident lawyer in your city today.
Another thing daycares are required to do is provide the necessary care and supervision the children require that also prevents accidents from happening. Some of the following activities must be met by daycare centers in Hawthorne to aid in the prevention of accidents as well:

  • Assistance in diapering, toileting, dressing, grooming, bathing, and other personal hygiene.
  • Assistance with taking medications.
  • Storing and/or distribution of medications.
  • Arrangement of and assistance with medical and dental care.
  • Maintenance of rules for the protection of children.
  • Supervision of children’s schedules and activities for the protection of them.


Can I take legal action for the injuries my child sustained in a daycare accident?

Unfortunately, there are many children who become the victim to a preventable accident that occurred while they were under the care of a daycare center. These incidents result in serious injury and sometimes even death. And even if your child’s injuries weren’t life-threatening, the fact is, you placed your trust in this daycare and they didn’t abide by the laws and regulations they knew they were required to prevent this accident from occurring.
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