Child accidents occur for numerous reasons. Children are growing and are eager to experience new things, and sometimes this inquisitiveness leads them into danger. Some common types of accidents children engage in include:

  • Parking lot accidents- This might include your child being injured by a vehicle backing up that failed to see them walking behind, your child running out into the street not realizing the dangers that lurk, or even getting involved in a parking lot car accident.
  • Medication accidents- Many children are harmed by medications that should be kept up high and out of reach of children. Unfortunately, when a parent or other caregiver doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and leaves the medicine at a child’s reach, they could be held responsible for causing their child’s injury.
  • Horse playing- Because kids don’t realize that playing rough means they are putting themselves at risk, sometimes they get hurt and sustain an injury.
  • School-related incidents- There have been accounts involving an infant or toddler who has become harmed as they weren’t being properly supervised during their time in preschool. Other types of school accidents do occur, even at the elementary level.
  • Bus accidents- Sometimes, bus drivers are negligent in their ways which lead to an accident and other times it might be another driver’s fault for bringing on the crash.
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Falls- Children, especially those under the age of two, should be kept away from stairs and other areas that are easily acceptable but dangerous. As they grow, their curiosity spikes and climbing on top of dressers and other high areas seems more fun for a child than dangerous.

In some instances, some of these accidents stem from children being unsupervised, inexperienced, and their small size. In other cases, it might be a negligent individual who was careless and inattentive who brought upon the incident.

Was your child injured in an accident recently?

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