When some serious accidents that occur, it is not merely because of human error or improper operation. There are situations where the danger is created by the product itself during normal operation. Manufacturers can be held liable and sued when these problematic products, cars, or other items cause injury.
Driver dies when his car goes on fire
The Santa Rosa police and fire departments were investigating a single car crash where the solo occupant died. Nearby witnesses state that they saw a Dodge Charger driving southbound on Santa  Rosa Ave in flames. The burning car eventually went over a curb, hit a traffic light, and then a tree before coming to a complete stop.
The fire was so intense that the victim’s body was almost totally burned and he could only be identified as a male at the scene. Investigators also do not know if the driver had committed any traffic infractions or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol before the fire and crash occurred.

Was the accident because of the car, rather than the driver? 
In situations such as this, there may have been issues with the way the car was designed or manufactured that caused the fire and made the situation worse. Cars usually do not burst into flames after a single car accident regardless of the amount of impact. Most newer model cars are equipped with safety features that are specifically designed to prevent any kind of ignition from happening. There was also a crucial witness who saw that the car went on fire before hitting anything.
Car manufacturers routinely issue recalls for this very reason. They discover a potential danger and attempt to fix it before the situation gets even worse.
The law of products liability
There is an entire area of the law called products liability that deals with holding manufacturers responsible for putting problematic products into the stream of commerce. Cars are one of the most common sources of products liability lawsuits because of the extreme dangers of having faulty vehicles on the road.
Products liability deals with a couple of issues that occur in defective items. One is called a design defect. If a product is designed in such a way that dangers are discovered during its normal or intended use, the manufacturer can be sued and they will often issue a recall or stop production immediately when this happens. The possibility of fires is actually a common reason why a number of products from cars to electronics have been taken off of the market over the last several decades.
Manufacturing defects are the other main reason that dangers occur. This means that either one item or an entire production run was subject to some kind of manufacturing errors or problems that were not discovered until someone was injured. In the situation, the company responsible for the manufacturing problems can be held liable in a lawsuit and the will often attempt to trace all of the problematic items back to a certain production point, and then have them recalled or returned.
In most cases, the law imposes strict liability onto the company that makes and distributes there defective products. In practice, this means that once it is shown that the manufacturer’s products have a certain problem, the legal inquiry ends and the plaintiff wins the case. This is done to discourage businesses from releasing products that can injure people.
A lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf immediately
An attorney who is experienced in dealing with accidents in California can file a lawsuit to receive compensation for your injuries. This can be either a typical car accident, or an accident caused by any product which has a faulty design that causes injury or death. The Law Office of Erin Aaland is located in Santa Rosa, and their staff specializes in helping accident victims.