Am I always at fault for a rear-end auto accident?
There are some car accidents that occur where fault is hard to distinguish and others where it is clear that one driver was negligent which led to the accident occurring. Take a rear-end accident for instance. While you might assume that when someone hits another vehicle from behind that they weren’t paying attention and were the initiator of the crash. But, is this always the case? Is the person who was driving in the back always held accountable for causing the rear-end crash?
The answer to this question is rather important as California follows at-fault insurance laws. This means whoever is identified at the cause of the accident is the one who is responsible for putting up the money for damages and medical bills. In most instances their insurance company will pay, however, you don’t want to be held accountable for a crash you didn’t actually cause. So, let’s dig a little deeper into rear-end accidents and see when the driver who was traveling behind might not be at fault for causing the collision.

When will a driver not be held accountable for a rear-end accident in California?

Although our accident lawyers in Inglewood, CA are the professionals who can answer this best, below are a few scenarios where a driver who hits another vehicle from behind isn’t responsible for causing of the accident.

  1. The driver who was riding in front hit their brakes abruptly. While it is the duty of the driver behind to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them, if a driver slams their brakes without any warning and for no good reason, this might be identified as reckless behavior and they would be identified as initiator of the crash.


  1. The brake lights of the driver in front were out. Although the driver in the back is required to keep a safe distance from the car in front, usually about a space that is three seconds apart, if the brake lights are out and the driver in front stops their vehicle, they aren’t giving the driver behind them any sort of warning as the lights are an indication that they are going to slow down or stop.


Our Inglewood, California accident lawyers can help determine who truly was at fault for causing a rear-end accident.

Liability is often one of the biggest issues that arise in a car accident case which is why you may want to hire an experienced Inglewood, California accident attorney who can help clarify the true initiator of the accident. Just because you may have been driving in the back and hit the vehicle in front of you, don’t let the other driver get away with throwing the blame on you without having an attorney assess the situation. Even if a police report indicated you caused the accident, our lawyers can rebut these accusations and help get your insurance carrier to see who truly is at-fault for causing the auto accident.
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