Accidents and Negligence
In any accident, it is important to identify a few different things.

  • Who or what caused the incident to occur?
  • Were others involved?
  • What was their role in the accident?
  • Do you qualify to take legal action to recognize this person or company for their wrongdoing?

Knowing why your accident occurred in Mission Viejo and who may have caused it can help you determine the type of action you need to take following it. Insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits are just some of the things you can file so that your damage is repaired and your injuries are tended to without you having to come out of pocket for the incident. However, there are certain things that must be established before you are awarded for the accident you were involved in.

Was the person or entity negligent?

This is a very important question and something that should be established. If you believe the person was at-fault for causing the accident, then they likely displayed some sort of negligent behavior that led up to it transpiring. Negligence is when a person or company fails to use reasonable care that results in damage or injury to another. In many personal injury cases, negligence is the basis that helps the case stand. So, how can negligence be determined? What are some examples of when someone was negligent in their ways?
Because our accident attorneys in Mission Viejo, CA know how important it is to identify when someone was negligent, below are a few hypothetical scenarios to better help you understand.
Accidents caused by drunk drivers
If someone becomes involved in an accident, whether it is with another driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist, and they were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, they are breaking California’s state laws and in return are considered to be behaving carelessly. In other words, they are exercising negligence and that likely contributed to the accident occurring.
School bus accidents
A driver fails to stop at a school bus that has its lights on and stop signs extended. The driver speeds around the bus and hits a child crossing the street. That driver failed to abide by the rules of the roadway and displayed negligent behavior.
Nursing home accidents
Your elderly loved one needs assistance with their daily routines which is the reason they were placed in a nursing home. The caretaker fails to help them when going to the restroom which causes them to fall and suffer from a broken limb. That caretaker was careless in their ways and could very well be held responsible for the accident that occurred.
Are you under the impression that your accident was caused by a negligent individual? If so, our accident and injury lawyers in Mission Viejo, CA would be more than willing to help get your case established. If you are looking to be awarded compensation, you will want to discuss whether filing a personal injury lawsuit is in your best interest with one of our Mission Viejo accident attorneys.
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