How do I file a third-party claim for an accident that occurred in Newport Beach, CA?
California law stipulates that when a driver is found at-fault for causing a collision to occur, their insurance carrier, given that they are insured, is responsible for compensating the other driver for the damages done. Damage might include:

  • A dented or destroyed bumper
  • Cracked or broken windows
  • Dented or demolished fender
  • Dented or scratched doors
  • Broken side-mirrors
  • Damage to the inside the vehicle
  • Any other damage done to any other part of the vehicle’s body

This law is known as the “at-fault insurance law” and it basically helps drivers who have sustained an injury or damage to their vehicle recover the compensation that will help to pay for the necessary repairs as well as the medical bills for the treatment they have rendered. In order to receive the necessary compensation to cover these expenses, you will need to file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. This is known as filing a third-party claim. Had you been the one at-fault, you would have filed a claim with your own insurer, hence, it would be considered a first-party claim.

What happens if the other driver’s insurer isn’t paying the claim?

Many car accident claims can take days, weeks, or even months before the insurance company will agree to settle it. This means that you either have to wait, file a claim through your own insurance carrier, or pay for the damage to be repaired out of your own pocket. Before making any drastic decisions as these repairs can sometimes be rather expensive, you should consult with a car accident lawyer in Newport Beach, California first to see what advice they can provide you with regarding the matter.
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Now, if you decide to file a claim with your own insurance carrier, while they may accept it and provide you with compensation for you to get your vehicle repaired and your medical bills paid, you will be subjected to paying your deducible first. Policies differ and so do their limits, so your deductible will vary based on the type of coverage you purchased. After satisfying your deductible and receiving a payment from your insurer, they can file a claim against the other party’s insurance so they can be reimbursed for what they have had to cover for your accident. If your deductible is collected from the at-fault party’s insurance company, then your insurer should provide it back to you.

What if I haven’t received my deductible back and it’s been months?

If it’s been months and your insurance company still hasn’t provided you reimbursement for your deductible nor have they settled the claim with the other insurance carrier, it may be time to employ an accident attorney in Newport Beach, CA. Sometimes, you need a professional from the legal field to step in and remedy the situation as insurance carriers aren’t always fair with their claimants.
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