What is a third-party claim in car insurance?
Dealing with your insurance company is confusing enough as it is but when it comes to claims and getting one filed, there is more to it than just contacting your agent and informing them you were involved in an accident. For instance, there are different types of claims that can be filed depending on where the accident occurred and who was liable for causing it which brings us to the topic of third-party claims.
Third party insurance claims are claims that are filed against someone else’s insurance policy, not yours. While you might assume that because you have your own insurance coverage that you would be required to file a claim for an accident through your policy, this isn’t always true. Sometimes, you might be eligible to file a third-party claim and collect compensation for your damages without having to deal with your own insurance company. Below we will look at a few scenarios that would serve as a viable means for you to file a third-party insurance claim.

  1. You were involved in an auto accident where you were not at-fault. California operates under at-fault insurance laws which means the person who is responsible for causing the accident is the person who is going to be held liable for the damages. That means rather than filing an accident claim through your own insurance carrier, which would be considered a first-party claim, you would file through the other driver’s insurance carrier, hence it would be considered a third-party claim.


  1. You were the passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. In the event you sustained an injury as a result of the incident, you would want to file a third-party claim through the driver’s insurance carrier of whom you were riding with. Very rarely will a passenger be held at-fault for causing an accident unless they were engaging in reckless behavior and caused the motorist to crash. In that case, a lawsuit might be in the works. Filing a third-party claim wouldn’t involve your own insurance company and the driver’s insurance carrier should cover your medical bills that have arisen as a result of the accident.


  1. You were involved in a vehicular accident while on the job. In many instances, when you are involved in an accident and you are on the clock, you do have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim and collect benefits through your employer’s insurance policy. Most employers in the state of California are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in the event a worker does sustain an injury at work. Again, because you are filing an insurance claim through an insurance company other than your own, it would be considered a third-party claim.

Although some insurance companies are really good about providing their claimants with compensation for their injuries, there are plenty out there that won’t handle your claim with care. If this is something you are dealing with, we can help you locate a nearby accident attorney in Norwalk, California who can assist you. Our accident lawyers can even help you if you have a question or concern regarding your third-party claim.