As much as we would like to trust that our insurance company and repair shops have our back during a time of need, there have been instances recorded where insurance fraud is present from both parties. In the state of California, insurance fraud can occur in several different forms of which you should be aware of to avoid being taken advantage of after an accident.
Some of the common forms of insurance fraud the California Department of Insurance recognizes includes:

  • A repair shop reports parts of a vehicle brought in were damaged or lost when they actually weren’t.
  • The final cost of the repairs is inflated beyond what the original estimate of damage was calculated to be.
  • There are unauthorized billing repairs filed.
  • Submitting charges for genuine parts when in fact used parts were put on or inside your vehicle.
  • Pounding out dents as opposed to repairing that particular part of the vehicle and then claiming it was in fact replaced.

Sometimes, insurance companies will try and get you to use their own repair shops so they can avoid having to pay top dollar for the right type of repairs necessary leaving you with a vehicle that might have used parts on it. If you feel your vehicle was properly fixed and the insurance company doesn’t seem to want to address the issue, our accident lawyers in Ontario, California will.

Staged Accidents

As shocking as it might sound, these types of accidents do occur. And if you believe you are the victim of a staged accident that occurred in Ontario, CA, don’t hesitate to contact immediately. These types of incidents should be handled by an experienced accident attorney in Ontario, CA as you never know what the true intentions are behind why the staged accident occurred in the first place.
Some common schemes used in a staged or planned accident include:

  • A vehicle suddenly stops for no apparent reason.
  • The driver intentionally disregards the right-of-way.
  • The other motorist gives up their right-of-way in order to cause a collision.
  • The claims report has passengers listed on it when no one was present in the vehicle at the time of the incident.
  • Witnesses were listed at the scene of the crash that weren’t actually there.
  • The injuries being claimed are excessive in their nature for the type of collision that occurred.
  • You were contacted by an attorney without being solicited.
  • The driver is carrying a temporary vehicle registration.

In today’s society, you have to be extremely careful while out on the roadways because you never know if an accident caused was intentional or not. And if it was, you can expect that the initiator is looking to collect a nice check from your insurance company given they are trying to make you appear to be liable for the accident.
As a precaution, if you feel your insurance carrier isn’t handling your accident claim fairly or you were involved in a plotted auto accident, speak with one of our featured accident lawyers in Ontario, California before making any sudden decisions. We can take your call now and get you connected with a nearby lawyer in your area.