You were involved in a multi-vehicle crash in the city of Orange, California and you aren’t sure how to handle the situation. Before panicking and causing your mind to cloud, it is important that you and anyone in the vehicle with you remain calm. Multi-vehicle accidents can be scary and overwhelming as this traumatic event may have led to serious injuries and even deaths. However, these types of accidents should be handled in the same manner as you would handle an accident involving one or two vehicles.

What should I do after engaging in a multi-vehicle collision in Orange, CA?

You want to be sure you collect all the information possible after an accident and write down anything you believe is important to ensure you don’t forget it. After going through such a scary experience, you don’t want to get home and forget many pertinent details because the adrenaline has worn off. Take photos of the accident scene, all of the vehicles involved, and your injuries as these can become a crucial piece of evidence in your auto accident case. And don’t forget to collect the names of everyone who was involved, their insurance information, and the owner information in the event the driver isn’t the one who is legally responsible for the vehicle.
You then may want to consider contacting so that you can begin discussing the details of your accident and whether or not you might benefit from hiring an Orange, California accident lawyer. Many individuals find their settlement amounts have increased tremendously when they were represented by an accident attorney as opposed to handling the matter on their own.

How is fault determined in a multi-vehicle crash?

One of the reasons why it may benefit you to hire an accident attorney in Orange, CA is because they will make certain that fault is placed on the correct party. However, other things will be used to help an insurance adjuster decide who caused the accident, hence, who is liable for paying the damages.
Photos, evidence, police reports, witness statements, etc. are all used to help determine fault in a car or truck accident along with important things your accident lawyer is able to point out.

How much will an insurance policy pay for damages after a multi-vehicle accident in Orange, California?

According to California’s Insurance Department, if you are only carrying the minimum bodily injury liability requirements stipulated under California law, the most a driver’s insurance is going to pay to someone else with those limits includes:

  • $15,000 for a death or injury of any one person.
  • A total of $30,000 for the death or injury of more than one person in any one accident. In the event two individuals are injured, the coverage only pays up to $30,000 and the injured individuals are expected to share this money.
  • $5,0000 for damage to the property of someone else.

Now, if your policy has higher limits and the damages have amounted to more money, your coverage should be enough. In the event it isn’t and you were responsible for causing the accident, those involved could file a personal injury lawsuit to help recoup the remaining amount of money they believe is owed. The scenario could also be flipped around if you weren’t liable for the accident and were looking to collect compensation.
If another driver caused the multi-vehicle crash you were in and their insurance isn’t paying you enough, an accident lawyer in Orange, CA can help get a lawsuit filed for a chance for you to receive the compensation you are demanding.
Understanding the laws that apply to a car accident can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. That is why we have accident and injury attorneys in Orange available to explain these to you and help you understand your rights in the matter.