Guns are used to help California’s officers protect and serve their community and are viewed as a form of protection for citizens as well. While it is legal for certain people to carry a gun, they are deadly and dangerous and should never wind up in the hands of adolescents, teens, and those who aren’t equipped to handle the full responsibility that comes along with carrying the weapon. It is important that those who have these weapons in their possession have taken the necessary steps that legally permit them to do so.
Unfortunately, though, these weapons do find their way into the wrong hands which result in a gun accident occurring. And regardless of whether the accident was intentional or not, some things cannot be undone.
If your teen was involved in an accident brought on by a gun, you should know that there are legal actions you can take that will allow you to seek justice for this misfortune. We know some of the best Oxnard, California accident lawyers out there who are available to help you and we want to place you in contact with them.  Seeking legal advice from a reputable accident attorney is the best thing you can do at a time like this.

Why do so many teen gun accidents occur?


  • Children have access to their parents loaded gun.
  • Teens play with guns that accidentally go off.
  • Kids who don’t understand the dangers associated with using a gun often shoot themselves when they point the weapon in their face. Many kids aren’t aware of just how deadly these weapons are and how easy an accident can occur.
  • Teens might get into an altercation with someone else and feel bringing a gun is going to settle the matter. These instances also contribute to the increased number of gun accidents that occur in the U.S.
  • Gang-related incidents


Gun Accident Statistics and Laws

According to, last year it was determined that “guns killed at least one child in the United States every other day.” While California’s numbers were lower than most states, the fact of the matter is that gun accidents still occur. And when they do, civil and criminal penalties could be imposed on those who are involved in the accident.
Under California law, anyone who possesses a gun who is prohibited to do so is liable to face criminal charges as well as someone who negligently stores or leaves a gun in a location where a child has access to it.
However, if your child or teen was the victim of a gun accident that resulted in injury or death, we want you to give us a call here at so we can find you an accident lawyer in Oxnard, CA today. It is vital that you go into the matter with all the support you can get and with the experience our lawyers possess you are sure to come out of it with an outcome that is in your favor.