Accidents can occur within the blink of an eye. One minute you might find yourself on your way to work and the next, pulled off to the side of the road exchanging information with a driver who hit your vehicle from behind. While some accidents are preventable, others happen due to natural causes. Those that are preventable, however, are sometimes viewed as a personal injury in the event the person involved sustains an injury. In most personal injury cases, negligence must be a contributing factor which led to the accident occurring in order for the victim to receive some sort of compensation for the various forms of suffering they have had to experience.
If you recently engaged in an accident in the city of Palmdale, CA and haven’t been able to return to work because of the severe injuries you are struggling with, you should consider speaking with an accident lawyer right here in Palmdale. Perhaps you are you wanting to find out more about how you can collect compensation to cover all the accrued bills that have arisen because of this accident? Our accident lawyers in the city of Palmdale are more than qualified to provide you with the answers to all your questions and get you on the right path to receiving what you are rightfully due.

What types of accidents can the Palmdale accident lawyers at help me with?

This is a great question as it is important to understand whether or not you are hiring legal aid that is actually qualified to represent your case. Some examples of the different types of cases accident attorneys can provide assistance with include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Product liability incidents
  • Accidents that have led to a wrongful death
  • Police brutality incidents
  • Bicycle crashes
  • Motorcycles incidents
  • Work-related accidents
  • Pedestrian incidents

Because an accident can arise in nearly any setting, the list above doesn’t encompass nearly all of the areas in which our accident lawyers in Palmdale, CA can help you with.

Why might I need to hire an accident attorney after an incident has occurred?

The process for filing a claim for some accidents is simple. Those who are involved submit their claim through their insurance carrier and both are provided with the assistance they need. Not always will an accident case work out in this manner. Take for instance an accident that occurred in June 2017. A teen was accidentally killed by a California officer in Palmdale when officers arrived on scene to a call that came in and they were attacked by a pit bull. While the teen attempted to restrain the dog, it got lose which prompted officers to fire. One of the bullets that was shot for the dog bounced off the ground and hit the teen. He didn’t survive the wound.
In this particular case, officers are permitted to use deadly force under certain circumstances, even if their actions harm a bystander. The parents in this incident would benefit greatly from hiring an accident and injury lawyer in Palmdale to fight for justice as their son was wrongfully killed.
And if you are looking for some legal input or guidance, we want to get you the help you are seeking. is available to take your call now and will find you a nearby Palmdale accident attorney closest to you who is ready to assist you.