Just because you engage in an auto accident in Pomona, California doesn’t necessarily mean you will be issued a ticket. While some crashes are merely an accident and no law breaking contributed to it occurring, there are times where motorists do break the law which is the ultimate cause of the collision. After an accident occurs and police are called to the scene, they will decide whether a traffic citation should be issued.
Some reasons why an officer might issue a traffic violation after an accident has occurred is if:

  1. There is evidence that you were speeding. If an officer in Pomona can detect that you were going faster than the speed limit permits, they may very well issue you a ticket.
  2. You weren’t wearing your seat belt.
  3. It is presumed by the officer that you were driving while under the influence. While the officer may request that you submit to a field sobriety test, if you refuse, you will be ticketed and arrested for DUI. And in the event your BAC, blood-alcohol content level, comes back above the legal limit, you will face the same consequences. If you caused an accident in the city of Pomona and you were driving drunk, consider hiring one of our accident lawyers or DUI attorneys in Pomona, CA
  4. You broke a traffic law. This could include running a stop sign, driving through a red light, or even failing to stop when another motorist had the right of way.
  5. You rear-ended another vehicle. In most rear-end accidents, the driver that hit the vehicle from behind was either distracted, speeding, or was riding too closely which resulted in the accident transpiring. Police may issue a ticket for this if they can determine you were at-fault for hitting the other vehicle.

If a police officer finds you broke the law in some way, shape or form, they can issue you a ticket.
There are many things that arise after an accident occurs including getting the compensation you will need to cover the repairs and possible medical bills for your injuries. Having to deal with your insurance company is one hurdle and dealing with an expensive traffic ticket is yet another. That is why our accident lawyers in Pomona, California are here to help reduce the stress you are going through and take some of that burden off of your shoulders.

Can an accident attorney in Pomona, CA help me with my traffic ticket?

In some instances, you might not feel as though it is fair for you to pay a traffic ticket that resulted from an accident. If you want some advice on whether or not you should pay or how our dedicated Pomona accident attorneys can help you, simply give us a call now. You have rights in an accident and we want to be sure you are aware of what all these are.

Wondering how you can pay your traffic citation?

If you received a traffic ticket in the city of Pomona, CA and want to pay it, you can do so directly on the Pomona Courthouse site. And for your convenience, the address to the courthouse is provided below:
Pomona Courthouse South
400 Civic Center Plaza
Pomona, CA 91766
We encourage you to take advantage of the free service we offer and let us connect you to a local accident lawyer in Pomona, CA who can help you throughout your accident case.