When it comes time to settle your auto insurance claim, you may be uneasy and unsure if you want to proceed on with the process. If it because you aren’t satisfied with the numbers your insurance agent is providing you with or you feel the insurance agent is undercompensating you, there are a few different things you can do before accepting a settlement for your filed claim. What can you do to help resolve your unsettled insurance claim? Below we will explain a few different options you have that can each contribute to you getting your claim settled and a check provided to you for your damages.

How to handle an unsettled an accident claim?


  1. Speak with the insurance professional responsible for your case and inform them that you aren’t happy. If they aren’t willing to help make the matter better, ask for the contact information for the head of the insurer’s claims department. If the company you are insured with has a consumer complaint department, they may be able to help as well.


  1. Review and become familiar with your policy. After any type of accident occurs, it is important that you review and understand the terms of your auto insurance policy. Does your insurer offer arbitration or appraisal services to help settle disputes? If so, you can take advantage of these. If you don’t quite understand what your rights are in the matter and feel as though your insurance company is taking advantage of this, let one of our skilled accident attorneys in Redding, CA help you out. You can be sure that any information they provide to you is going to be accurate and relevant.


  1. Be ready to provide the necessary support. If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of the claim, you can write a letter detailing why. Be sure to have the figures to back this up. For instance, a private appraisal and/or medical bills would suffice.


  1. Contact the State of California’s Department of Insurance. You can call 1-800-927-4357 to file a complaint against your insurer. If the department feels your case should be reviewed individually, they will contact you


  1. Hire a Redding, CA accident lawyer who understands insurance law and can help you get your accident claim settled. Sometimes, all you need is someone who is knowledgeable in the field to step in to rectify the situation. In this case, if your insurer learns that you hired legal help, they may be reluctant to continue pushing you to accept their settlement as is.

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Simply accepting what your insurer wants to provide you in a settlement isn’t in your best interest as many companies are known to provide their claimants will low-ball offers that aren’t nearly enough to cover the damages that resulted from the accident. This is why we always encourage accident victims to first consult with an accident and injury attorney in Redding before making any decisions that cannot be undone.
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