What to do if your child is involved in a school bus accident?
Whether it’s your child’s first day of school or they have been traveling by bus regularly, if a bus accident has occurred, you need to know what steps to take following the incident. It is understandable that any parent might become overwhelmed and even angry to learn that their child was involved in a school bus accident, however, there is help available to get you through this unexpected occurrence.
While buses are generally a safe form of transportation, accidents can still occur with them and it is vital that you get down to the bottom of it. What types of injuries did your child sustain, where did the accident occur, and who is responsible for causing it? You are going to want answers to all of these questions and more and our Ventura, CA accident lawyers are more than qualified to get these answers for you.

Who might be held accountable for the school bus accident my child was involved in?


  • The school district. In this case, if the accident occurred in San Buenaventura, CA, you may be able to hold the Ventura Unified School District You can contact them by calling 805-641-5000.


  • The bus driver. In the event the bus driver was distracted or engaging in behavior that led to the accident occurring, they may be held liable for causing the collision.


  • Another driver. If your child was injured while getting off a bus, the other motorist responsible for hitting them is yet another party you are going to want to go after.


  • The school bus company that is contracted with the school. If your child is attending a private school or they were on a field trip, the county or district might not be the right party to go after. However, before you assume that the bus company is responsible and who you want to file a personal injury lawsuit with, discuss the matter with one of our knowledgeable bus accident attorneys in Ventura, CA first.


  • The manufacturer of the bus. Although it might sound odd to pursue the manufacturer of the bus, sometimes the accident may have been brought on because of a faulty part. In order for this to be determined, you will need a professional who can conduct some extensive research into whether the bus was serviced properly or if the company was aware of a defect but failed to do anything about it. And our accident attorneys in Ventura are perfect for the job.

After a bus accident, you are going to want to ensure your child’s injuries are tended to but also become aware of how you can collect compensation for all the pain and suffering they have had to endure. Because there are several different parties that you may be able to hold accountable, we encourage you to give us a call and let us find you a local accident lawyer in Ventura, CA today. USAttorneys.com is committed to helping you and getting you placed in contact with only the best lawyers in the field.