Consult an Injury Lawyer after an Accident in San Francisco

Workplace accidents in San Francisco occur more often than you think leaving employees injured and suffering. While there are instances where you might be accountable for bringing upon the accident yourself, other times, an accident arises because someone was negligent in some way or another. Some common reasons why workplace injuries occur include:

  1. Fatigue- You work hard and more than likely you are over-run and tired. If you have pushed yourself beyond your limits in order to stay on top of your work responsibilities, you might find that your judgement has become impaired. This can be especially dangerous if you operate dangerous or heavy machinery or you job description requires you to operate a vehicle.


  1. Stress- Most of us have it but many don’t realize how much of an impact stress can have on your performance and your mental and physical abilities. In the event an employee’s mind becomes occupied with the things that are stressing them, there is a greater chance a mistake is made which could lead to an accident. If you were involved in a work-related accident, our accident attorneys in San Francisco, CA can explain what you might be entitled to collect in terms of compensation.


  1. Slips- According to, many trips occur in office kitchens and break rooms. This is a common place where a number of different liquids might spill and if someone fails to clean it up, you might be the one to fall victim to the slippery floor.


  1. Trips- Any items left out in high-traffic corridors including things like extension cords put you and everyone else in the workplace at risk of tripping. Other things like carpeting that has come loose, poorly lit hallways, or even stairways also place employees at risk of getting injured.


  1. Hazardous Material- If your job requires you to be around hazardous materials, it is expected that you are provided with protective gear and/or clothing to avoid becoming injured or harmed by the material.


  1. Lifting- If your job requires you to lift and/or carry things such as boxes or heavy equipment, you risk pulling a muscle or injuring your back. If you sustained such injuries, it is important you seek medical treatment to determine how severe your injuries are. And if you feel you should be compensated for them, allow one of our licensed and dependable accident lawyers in San Francisco to help you. Accident claims aren’t always the easiest to file nor are accident victims always provided with the funds they actually deserve.

What if I Was Involved in an Accident?
Workplace accidents are only one of the many types of cases our San Francisco, CA accident lawyers can assist with. Because they have a background in various fields of law, they can assist you with nearly any type of case brought their way.
If you wish to receive a free case evaluation to learn how our attorneys may be able to help you or even a loved one, simply give us a call and we will begin the process to achieving this. Our agents are readily available to take your call and will work with you to find the most suitable accident lawyer in the city of San Francisco.

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