Going to the gym is something many individuals do on a daily basis. Everyone from every age groups attends the gym to achieve different goals including getting in shape, losing weight, and for overall wellness. But what happens if you are involved in a gym accident? Can you hold the facility accountable for your injury? If so, will they compensate you for the medical expenses that have accrued after you had to seek treatment for this injury? We explain a little more in detail below.

Can I hold a gym liable if I am injured on their premises?

More than likely, when you joined the gym and signed that contract of yours, you also agreed to a liability waiver. However, there are different types of liability waivers and that could affect your chances of holding your gym accountable for your injuries. Some common types of liability waivers include:

  • A total liability waiver: If the waiver you signed is titled as this, it means the gym is free from all liability for any injury you sustain while on their premises.
  • A waiver for negligence: This type of waiver is going to protect the gym and those employed there from being sued because of their own negligent actions. For instance, if a gym employee failed to wipe up spilled water in the women’s locker room and you slip and fall, while the gym employees should have cleaned it up but didn’t, they can’t be held liable if you injure yourself.
  • A waiver of liability for intentional acts: If your gym had you sign this type of waiver, it may not stand in court if an employee outright caused you to engage in an accident and injure yourself.

One thing to be mindful of is that if the liability waiver you signed is broad and isn’t clearly defined, it may be inadmissible in court. But, if you are thinking about suing your gym or at least threatening to sue for damages that resulted from your injury, it might be a good idea to hire one of our accident attorneys in San Leandro, CA first. They can inform you on what your rights are in the matter and the types of legal action you actually are permitted to take.

Filing a premise liability claim

Every business in the city of San Leandro, California has a duty of ensuring that their premises are safe and free from hazards. But, because gyms are a higher-risk business as many individuals tear muscles or hurt themselves using the machines, gyms are also protected from being sued as it is likely for an accident to occur.
So, one thing you can do after getting injured during your visit to the gym in San Leandro is read through your contract and determine which type of liability waiver you signed. You can then bring the documents with you to the free consultation our San Leandro, CA accident attorneys offer and discuss the matter further with them. They are the qualified professionals who can determine if you are able to bring a premise liability claim against the gym.
Therefore, to get you connected with only the best accident and injury lawyers in the field, contact USAttorneys.com today. Our services are free and our agents are more than willing to help.