After a person is involved in an accident, whether it be a vehicular crash, a pedestrian-related incident, or even a motorcycle accident, they might be entitled to receive compensation for various things. In these types of accidents, it is common for the victim to suffer from injuries, sometimes those that are even life-threatening. When this happens, an insurance claim is generally filed and once the individual who caused the accident is found at-fault for doing so, the victim is then compensated. California follows the at-fault law which means once someone is found guilty of initiating an accident, they are then held accountable.
Sadly, some insurance companies don’t always provide an auto accident victim with the amount of money they need to cover all the accrued expenses, even the pain and suffering they have had to endure. That is where negotiating comes into the picture. One thing you should be mindful of is that you don’t have accept what the insurer is offering you. Our accident attorneys in Stockton, CA can review this with you and why you might want to consider negotiating with your insurer as opposed to just accepting the settlement they have proposed.

When should I accept the settlement my auto insurer is offering me?

Many accidents lead to injuries that can cause you to suffer with a lifetime of pain and discomfort. So, one thing you need to ask yourself is this: Has the pain you have had to endure been compensated for? Does the settlement include compensation for the fact that you might not be able to engage in activities you once could? If you feel content with what your insurer has offered you, then you can accept. But, the best thing you can do beforehand is let a skilled Stockton, CA accident lawyer review all of the details first and then let them provide you with some advice as to whether you should accept or not.
Our experienced injury attorneys in Stockton can determine if the insurer is being fair with the settlement they have offered or if they are trying to provide you with a lowball amount that isn’t quite enough.

When should I negotiate with the insurer?

Aren’t receiving what you expected? Is the damage done to your car valued much higher than what the insurer is trying pay? Are the medical bills for your injuries far more than the settlement amount? If so, then you might want to re-think accepting the insurance company’s offer. Because you have the right to negotiate if you think your injuries are worth more, and have a better chance with the help from one of our highly recommended accident lawyers in Stockton, CA, then you might want to consider fighting for the additional money you should receive.
Our accident lawyers in Stockton can help you with various aspects of an accident claim, even those that don’t involve vehicular collisions. Therefore, give us a call today and we can help you find a professional closest to you who can provide you with the legal assistance you might need.