What happens if I allow my friend to drive my vehicle and they get into an accident in Temecula, CA?

Our vehicles play a large role in our lives. They get us to work, home, and to all the places we need to get to. Aside from their reliability, we also pay a large portion of our paychecks for our vehicles and our insurance premiums we are required to carry in order to protect them in the event an accident arises. Given how important and costly our vehicles are, it is only normal to contemplate on whether you should allow a friend to drive your car or truck.
But what if you did, and unfortunately, they got into an accident? Well, it might be in your best interest to contact one of our recommended accident lawyers in Temecula, CA first before relying on the answers your insurance company has given you.

Is my insurance company liable to cover damages caused from a friend who was driving my vehicle?

If your friend was driving your vehicle and engaged in an accident, the other driver is going to look to you for coverage for their property damage as well as their medical expenses. After all, it is your car that was involved in an accident, not your friends. Now, if you are carrying adequate coverage, your policy will pay up to the limits stated in it. And if your friend is insured, which they should be if you allowed them to get behind the wheel of your vehicle, then they should be able to file a claim for their own injuries.
In most instances, whoever you allow to drive your vehicle should be covered if it is a one-time thing. Most insurance companies do require that you list a person on your policy if you plan on letting them use your vehicle regularly throughout the year.

What are the repercussion for a friend getting into an accident in my car in California?

There are a few things that could happen if your friend caused an accident while driving your automobile.

  1. You risk being sued in the event your insurance limits and theirs isn’t enough to cover the damages the other drivers incurred. While it would take a pretty serious accident for this to happen, it very well could. In 2013, there were 2,853 fatal collisions, 156,909 injury crashes, and 3,104 people killed in traffic accidents that occurred in the state of California alone[Source: California Highway Patrol].


  1. Your insurance rates will likely go up. Just because it wasn’t you behind the wheel doesn’t negate the fact that the car was involved in an accident. in most cases, once a driver is found at-fault for causing an accident, they will see an increase in their monthly insurance rates. While some insurance companies will reward its drivers who remain safe and accident-free, majority of others penalize you for engaging in a crash.

As unfortunate as it might be, if you are dealing with situation right now, we encourage you to seek some advice and guidance from one our trustworthy and knowledgeable accident lawyers in Temecula, California. They can help protect your rights, even though you weren’t driving, and won’t allow the other party to take advantage of you and demand more money for the accident than the damages are actually worth.
USAttorneys.com will find you a lawyer in your area now and get you connected with them should you be seeking legal assistance. While you may feel that it isn’t necessary to hire a Temecula accident attorney, it can’t hurt to discuss the matter and gain more of an understanding as to what some of the possible outcomes might be.