Single-Vehicle Accidents
Involved in a single vehicle accident in the city of Vacaville, CA? Here is some important information regarding these types of accidents and what you can expect from your insurance company.
Single vehicle accidents occur for several different reasons. Whether you swerved out of the way to keep from hitting an animal crossing the road or perhaps you looked down at your phone for a second or two and hit a pole, you are going to want to have the damage repaired so that your car is drivable and you can go on about your life. The first thing you are likely going to do is contact your insurance company and submit a claim to have the damage repaired. But how is your insurance carrier going to categorize your claim? Will they cite that it was your fault or the accident occurred from natural causes?
Well, our accident attorneys in Vacaville, CA can tell you that in most cases, insurance companies are going to throw the blame on you. Why? Well, according to The Balance, unless an object came flying through the air and hit your automobile, the insurer is going to try and hold you liable, and in most cases, they will succeed. Our accident lawyers in Vacaville have acquired a significant amount of experience in dealing with insurance companies and they have witnessed it time and time again where insurers hold a driver accountable for an accident they may not have been at-fault for.
How can you combat an insurance carrier who is trying to blame you for an accident? Hire a reputable and knowledgeable CA car accident lawyer to represent you. We work with some of the best accident lawyers in the city of Vacaville and nearby areas and will gladly help you get connected with one who is able to assist you. Insurance carriers will often try and take advantage of policyholders when it comes time to get reimbursed for an accident, and we want to ensure your insurance company doesn’t have that opportunity to do so.

How will a single vehicle accident affect my driving record?

Because many insurance carriers will find a way to hold you accountable, it also means you are considered to be at-fault for causing the accident. In the state of California, any driver identified at being at-fault for causing an accident is responsible for covering the costs associated with the crash. But, if you are the cause of the accident, does that mean your insurance would pay you? While your insurance coverage would kick in, you would likely receive points on your driving record and you might even see an increase in your insurance premium. This can have some dramatic long-term effects on you and isn’t the best scenario, especially if you weren’t guilty of causing the accident.
Therefore, to ensure your claim is handled properly and that your driving record isn’t impacted negatively from the recent single vehicle accident you were involved in, contact and let us connect you with an accident lawyer in the city of Vacaville, CA now. The attorneys we work with are qualified and licensed and will know exactly how to handle the issue you may be faced with. Involved in a different type of accident? No problem. Our accident attorneys can help you out as well.