We rely on our jobs for our financial stability and will often go to great lengths to ensure that we keep them. And if that means working long hours, taking on tasks that are strenuous and stressful, and over-exert ourselves just to get the job done, we will. We often let our jobs drain us as they require us to put in more energy than we actually have to offer which in return leads to us becoming over-worked.
When an employee overexerts themselves, they become tired, restless, and can even strain the body. This is return can lead to a work-place accident occurring. If we aren’t at our best because we are being over-worked to a point of exhaustion or to lengths our bodies simply can’t handle, we increase the chance of engaging in an accident.
One of the most common types of work place injuries are sprains, strains, and tears. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees often overexert themselves or are required to do so in order to get the job done which impacts all areas of the body, especially the back. And if you weren’t aware, a back injury can have an adverse effect on you for an extended period of time.
If you were injured at work because your employer required you to engage in activity that led to overexertion, we encourage you to speak with an accident lawyer in Vallejo, California who can determine whether or not you have a viable workers’ compensation claim on your hands.

Did you know that overexertion is the leading cause of musculoskeletal injuries?

While most people assume it’s repetitive motion that causes these types of injuries, the fact is, overexertion is main the cause workers suffer from this. Unfortunately, many workers aren’t provided with the compensation they need to receive medical treatment for the injuries their body sustains. Most individuals assume that the back pain they are experiencing comes along with the territory, and while it might be true, if your boss is asking you to engage in tasks that is overexerting the body and causing you pain and discomfort, this isn’t something that should be taken lightly.
In fact, you should get your free consultation scheduled with one of our accident lawyers in Vallejo, CA immediately so they can begin working on your claim. There is a good chance your employer isn’t telling you that you qualify for workers’ comp benefits when you actually do. And that is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to an attorney working for you.

How does overexertion occur?

When an employee is asked to lift, push, pull, hold, or carry something they are physically incapable of doing but still take part in the act, this leads to overexertion. You are physically pushing the body beyond its physical capabilities and that leads to accidents [Source: Healthline]. For example, if you were asked to carry something that was too heavy and accidentally dropped it on your foot, you likely will need medical attention and you aren’t going to want to have to pay for it out of your own pocket.
To learn more about workers’ compensation and how you might qualify for it if you were hurt in a work accident, contact one of the Vallejo, California accident lawyers featured on our site or allow us to help you get connected with one. You can also visit the state’s workers’ compensation division site by clicking here.