Uber Accidents Involving Drivers
Perhaps you are a driver for Uber and your vehicle was hit by a reckless motorist. You more than likely want to know what steps you will need to take to ensure your vehicle is repaired and your medical bills are covered in the event the accident has led to injuries. Uber is one of several companies that have taken over the ridesharing business and Uber alone has employed thousands and thousands of drivers who work for them nationwide. With California being as large as it is, it is expected that there are a few thousand in the Victorville, California area alone.
Because an Uber driver is primarily driving to and from locations where their services are requested, they are spending their entire time on the roadway. And as careful and cautious as they may be, sometimes it is the other motorists on the road who are negligent and careless who cause an accident to transpire.

What steps does an Uber employee have to take after engaging in an accident in California?

Although Uber has a specified way of filing your accident with them, you should consider consulting with one of our accident lawyers in Victorville, California at your earliest convenience to become aware of what your rights are as an accident victim and what Uber’s rights are in terms of how they handle your claim. 
Now, here is what Uber requires its drivers to do who have been involved in an accident:

  1. Always check that all parties are safe and harm free.
  2. Notify the police of the accident and phone for the paramedics if necessary.
  3. Contact Uber

You also want to go to the Trip and Fare Review in the app and click “I was involved in an accident.” You will then need to provide details regarding what happened. Be sure you check the correct trip and share all available information you have here. An Uber member should then reach out to you to gather more information regarding the auto accident.
After your incident is recorded, Uber will send you an Incident Report Form to the email address they have on file. Once you send the form back, Uber will notify their insurance carriers regarding the accident and they will investigate the accident and determine whether coverage can be provided. You should receive a call within 2-3 business days. You may be required to pay a $1000 deductible up front depending on your own insurance coverage so be prepared to incur this charge.
Something else to be cognizant of is that Uber considers its employees as independent contractors which means they may be freed from liability when an accident occurs. So, you need to find out whether your accident permits you to have your vehicle repaired and collect compensation for any other damages incurred or if Uber isn’t responsible for your incident.
In any event, if you didn’t cause the accident, you might be able to collect from the driver’s insurance policy who initiated the accident as well so be sure to look into this.
There are several parties that might be involved in an Uber accident and things might become a little unclear. Therefore, if you want some clarity and assistance during this process, feel free to reach out to us and we will find you a local accident lawyer in Victorville, California who can help you.