Why would an insurance company need a recorded statement after an accident?
Should I give one or wait to speak with my accident attorney?
An insurance company may request that you provide them with a recorded statement after engaging in an auto accident or some other form of incident that has led to you to file a claim with them. A recorded statement and a casual verbal statement can both be used for your case, however, a recorded statement allows the insurer to always replay what you said, sometimes using your word against you. It is never a good idea to provide an insurance company with a recorded statement without first consulting with an accident attorney in Visalia, California first.
No matter how genuine an insurance agent might come across, be aware that they are looking out for their own interests, not yours.
Below are some reasons on why providing a recorded statement without first speaking with an accident lawyer in Visalia, CA can harm your claim rather than help it.

  • If the accident you were involved in led to serious injury and the case has been taken to court, whether it was at your request or the other party, if you provided their insurance company with a recorded statement after some time following the accident, they may use this to find fault in your story. More than likely you spoke with police while at the scene of the accident and you may have written down some details pertaining to the incident. If the insurance carrier manages to get their hands on this information, they might try and find a flaw in one of the stories. If your verbal statement to police doesn’t exactly match the recorded statement you provided, the insurance company is going to claim the information is inaccurate which could affect the outcome of your award, if any is expected to be granted.


  • Perhaps your claim isn’t being taken to court, however, you are still demanding additional compensation for your vehicle’s damage that the insurance adjuster didn’t include in the estimate provided. Because the insurer doesn’t want to pay any more than necessary, they might use your story to make allegations stating you caused the accident or were partially at fault. And in the state of California, those who are at-fault for causing an accident are held responsible for paying for the damages. Therefore, if the insurer can use your story to prove you contributed to the auto accident, you could lose out on compensation that would truly help you and your situation right about now.

Our Visalia, California accident lawyers recommended that you never provide any sort of statement right away to an insurance company. This can save you the hassle of trying to refute what was said in the event your insurance company attempts to twist your words around on you. While you may be under the impression that the agent you are speaking with is friendly and only wants what’s best for you, accident victims learn the hard way after they provide a recorded statement to an insurance company without the advice or input from a knowledgeable accident and injury lawyer in Visalia, CA. To get connected with a local attorney now, give us a call here at USAttorneys.com so we can assist you.