But should if they have been involved in an accident.
Whiplash, which is recognized as a neck strain or sprain, is one of the most common injuries car crash victims sustain. Whiplash occurs when a person’s “head suddenly snaps forward, then backward,” according to Rush University Medical Center which causes the joints, ligaments, and muscles in the neck and upper back to overstretch. It is estimated that each year, more than two million Americans experience whiplash, some of which sustain the injury in auto accidents.
As common as whiplash is, there are a few things many individuals don’t know about the injury. That is why we have taken the time to highlight for you what these are in the event you or someone in your family recently engaged in an accident in San Diego, CA and either aren’t sure whether you suffered whiplash or your doctor has recently informed you that you have.

  1. Whiplash doesn’t only affect those that were involved in a car accident. 


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Did you know that you can suffer a whiplash injury in other types of accidents aside from car crashes?

Although car accidents are known for causing victims to suffer from whiplash, there are other ways individuals can sustain the injury. According to Vincent Traynelis, MD, a neurosurgeon at Rush University Medical Center, you can easily get whiplash in a trip and fall accident. This could be a fall at a construction site or a trip and slip accident that occurred in a store as a result of a split substance. You can also get whiplash from a bicycling accident or from “high-impact sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, boxing, football or gymnastics.”

  1. A lot of force isn’t required to suffer from whiplash.

Did you know that you can sustain a whiplash Injury when traveling at speeds as low as five to 10 mph? Not only can a person suffer whiplash without a lot of force, but they are more inclined to sustain this type of injury when they aren’t properly restrained inside their vehicle. That means if you weren’t wearing your seatbelt or your infant wasn’t properly restrained in their car seat, the likelihood of you and/or them suffering whiplash is higher, even if the accident was a minor one.

  1. The older you are, the higher your chances are of suffering a whiplash injury. 

As people age, they tend to lose flexibility and strength in their muscles, says Rush University Medical Center and “their discs and ligaments are not as stretchy.”  Hence, when their head is thrown forward, “there’s more potential for damage.” As for those who are already struggling with neck pain or arthritis, their chances of sustaining whiplash are also much greater than those who are younger.

  1. You should never brush off your symptoms. 

After a car accident, especially one that didn’t appear to be quite serious, it is common for individuals to not experience any sort of pain until hours or even days later. This means that you could find yourself with a sore neck or upper back after the crash occurred even though you were under the impression that you were uninjured. Now, if you experience any sort of discomfort following an accident, it is important that you don’t delay in getting to a doctor. While it might be a minor case of whiplash, the fact is, you never know until you receive a medical professional’s opinion. Once a doctor takes some x-rays and runs some scans, they will know whether the injury is something more serious and if you should be concerned.

  1. Too much rest after a whiplash injury can make recovering more difficult. 

Although your injury may have you immobile and steering clear of engaging in any type of major physical movement, you also have to take into consideration how this will affect your recovery. Those over atRush University Medical Center say that after resting for more than a few days can cause the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back to get stiff and weak — and actually prolong the pain.” Therefore, Traynelis recommends that you consider “returning [back] to normal activity as soon as your doctor [gives you the OK].” Traynelis also says that “even if you have to ease into activity slowly, don’t let pain, or fear of pain, keep you from getting on with your life.”

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Although whiplash tends to be one of the less severe injuries an accident victim sustains, it shouldn’t be taken lightly as it could develop into something more serious.  In the event you are the victim of an accident that occurred in CA and you suffered whiplash and/or other injuries, consider contacting a San Diego, CA accident lawyer to find out how much your injuries entitle you to recover. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth are experts when it comes to assessing a case and determining its value and will go above and beyond to help you secure a favorable outcome.
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