If your child attends a daycare center in Whittier, California and they sustained an injury you believe was caused by a negligent staff member, there are ways to hold the facility accountable for your child’s injuries. Daycares have a standard level of care they are expected to abide by to ensure the safety of the children is never compromised.
If you believe their safety was because someone in the facility was careless and inattentive, that person along with the facility should be recognized for this. You may be also to file what is known as a personal injury claim which can help compensate for things like:

  • Your child’s current and future medical bills.
  • The time you lost at work to tend to your child’s injuries.
  • The emotional suffering and the physical pain you and your child have had to go through.

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Daycare Safety

One concern many parents have, and rightfully so, is whether or not their child’s daycare center is safe. So, to help you in the event you are considering placing your child in a new facility or you are simply looking for tips on how to spot a safe daycare, below we address the following question:

How do I know if my child’s daycare is safe?

There are many things that daycare centers should do to create a safe and clean environment to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. Some things that the facility should do to create an overall safe environment for the children include:

  • Ensuring that baby toys are washed daily and disinfected at least twice a week.
  • Diapering is done at the changing area, not where other children might be playing.
  • All electrical outlets are covered with protective caps.
  • All potentially dangerous products are put away and locked up including cleaning products, medicines, etc.
  • All equipment is in good repair, clean, and there are no sharp or rusty edges, nails, etc.
  • The kitchen area is closed off to children.
  • Windows have guards that prevent them from being opened more than five inches.
  • Stairwells are closed off from children but can still be accessed in the event of an emergency.

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