While human error such as speeding, improper lane changes, and avoiding stop signs does cause accidents, this one issue on its own usually does not end the inquiry for a lawsuit. It is possible that the negligence of another person or entity was still a contributing factor in an accident where the driver was also at fault.
A car accident in Brooklyn resulted in one teenager dying at the scene and two others with severe injuries.

Teen driver dies while racing in Brooklyn
Witnesses say that they saw a young man lose control of his vehicle and hit a tree while traveling northbound on Kings Highway near the Avenue D intersection. One witness said he believed that some drivers were drag racing in an area where the posted speed limit is only 25 miles per hour. The 19 year old driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and there were passengers aged 16 and 18 in his vehicle who were taken to Kings County Hospital in critical condition. The aftermath of the accident scene was described as covered in blood. The NYPD was still trying to investigate to determine what caused the driver to lose control of his car.  
This particular stretch of road has a history of severe accidents. There were previous concerns for a number of years that people were speeding along this part of Kings Highway. After other accidents, there were outcries from the public to have the local government install some kind of surveillance cameras, which never happened. Some local residents had expressed concerns that drivers often travel up to 60 miles per hour in this area if the traffic lights remain green.
Is a lawsuit still possible?
Even in situations where an accident seems like it may be attributed to human error, there are ways to receive compensation. Unsafe road conditions are usually the responsibility of the city or county that maintains the road. Especially in a situation like the story above where the local government knew about dangerous road conditions but did nothing to fix the problems, they may have possibly been negligent.
Malfunctions that occur inside of the car may be due to a manufacturing or design error. These types of problems are not supposed to occur during normal use of a car, even if the driver is going too fast. It may be possible to file a products liability suit if the car is found to be defective.
Lawyers who are experienced in dealing with car accidents in the New York metro area know how to ask the right questions and make the right arguments to make sure their clients are compensated properly.  
Get legal help following a car crash
If you have been involved in any kind of automobile accident, it is best to speak to an attorney about ways to receive compensation. The Licatesi Law Group LLP has attorneys who specialize in traffic law and filing lawsuits related to car accidents in the Brooklyn area and surrounding parts of New York City.