Can a driver in Yuma lose their license after causing an accident?

Yuma, AZ – There are some ways that drivers in Arizona can have their licenses suspended or revoked. All of these reasons are outlined in the state’s traffic statutes, and they can result in additional fines or even imprisonment in addition to losing driving privileges. Some of these violations may be tied to various kinds of accidents depending on the specific facts surrounding the car collision. Aside from the license suspension and penalties issued by the state, it is possible that drivers will also face a civil lawsuit if they injure someone or damage property after causing an accident. 

Drunk driving accidents

Accidents caused by individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol have become a serious problem in the United States. For these reasons, most states have license suspensions issued to drunk drivers, and even permanent revocations for those who have multiple similar offenses. A standard DUI charge in Arizona does include a driver’s license suspension, as well as those for high blood alcohol content or multiple offenses within seven years that result in a longer suspension. 

Citations for aggressive driving

It is possible that some drivers who cause crashes may also be cited for aggressive driving. Under Arizona law, this is an offense that may result in multiple traffic infractions in a short period of time that include illegal lane changes, tailgating other vehicles, ignoring traffic control devices, and failing to yield to a nearby emergency vehicle. When an officer issues this ticket to someone who was involved in an accident, they will lose their license for thirty days for a first offense, and one year if there are two or more prior offenses for the same conduct. 

The point system

Most motor vehicle offenses are assigned a certain number of points under Arizona’s traffic laws. Drivers who accumulate eight points within twelve months or less will have their license suspended for up to twelve months. The amount of points associated with each offense tend to increase based on the seriousness of the offense in question. Some offenses, such as reckless driving, carry eight points, which means that the person’s license can be suspended for just one serious infraction. 

Evidence of traffic infractions and lawsuits

If the driver is issued a ticket or loses their license due to their conduct during and before an accident, this evidence may be used in a civil lawsuit. These kinds of offenses may help the victim prove the elements of negligence and win their case for compensation. 

Help from an accident lawyer in Arizona

There are lawyers who deal with motor vehicle lawsuits and related matters in the Yuma area. Schneider and Onofry is a trusted car accident law firm that assists local clients.  

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