What are some examples of driver negligence that contribute to car accidents?

Nashville, TN – Some car accidents can affect entire families. It is common for parents and their children to have to go to the same places, so the children may be injured at the same time as other adults during the collision. When this happens, the parents can bring a lawsuit, but some of the rules for suing on a minor’s behalf are different. Any family that is going through these issues should get legal representation as soon as possible to have the best possible outcome in terms of resolving their case and receiving an appropriate level of compensation. There are accident lawyers in Tennessee who can explain these issues further. 

Bringing a case on a minor’s behalf

Procedures are different for filing a lawsuit if the child is the victim. The child cannot be the one to actually file a lawsuit, but a parent and their attorney can bring the case on the minor’s behalf. The structure of the case does not change much once it is filed, as all of the elements of negligence still have to be proven by the plaintiff against the defendant. 

Costs paid to the victim

The victims can add up their losses and argue for a certain amount of damages in the documentation filed to bring their injury lawsuit. The reason damages are awarded is to try to put the victim in the same place they were before the accident. 

Damages can also consider things like special care that the child needs, as well as losses that the parent sustained to take time away from work for these treatments. These can be added to the standard damages for things like healthcare costs, pain and suffering, and property damage. There are some situations where damages awarded to the child are put into a trust that cannot be accessed until they turn eighteen. 

Settlement agreements

Many parents do not want their children to have to testify in court and relive the trauma associated with an accident. This is one of the reasons why the case is likely to end with a settlement rather than a full trial. Settlements are generally more common than trials in all civil injury cases related to motor vehicle accidents. The reason for a settlement agreement is that it usually saves time and reduces legal costs for both parties. The agreement should award the victim a comparable amount to their initial argument for damages in exchange for ending the litigation.  

Help from a local accident attorney

George Fusner is an experienced lawyer who handles various issues related to motor vehicle accidents and personal injury lawsuits in Tennessee. Anyone who needs assistance with bringing a civil case against the person responsible for their losses can contact the firm for more information. 

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