Jackson, MS-Most Americans get excellent medical care, but that care comes at a high price. Trauma victims, because they need emergency care, face exorbitant medical costs. They may get excellent care but being injured in a car accident, or another traumatic event could leave an injured person in a horrible financial state.
Uninsured Trauma Patients are Financially Devastated
In 2015, approximately 25.8 million Americans did not have health insurance, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports. In Mississippi, for the same year, 12.7 percent of the population was uninsured, according to Mississippi Today. Not all accident victims are uninsured, but a large percentage is, and there is a good chance they could be injured in an accident that could leave them in financial ruin.
Approximately seven in ten uninsured trauma victims leave the hospital with bills that will destroy them financially, according to Reuters. The news outlet is reporting on a study published in the Annals of Surgery which analyzed 117,502 hospital admissions of uninsured trauma patients from 2007 to 2011 between the ages of 18 and 64.
The analysis found that half of the patients made less than $40,000 a year and a half left the hospital bills totaling $27,420, and that is just hospital charges, those costs don’t include doctors, radiologists, and anesthesiologists. Trauma victims could end up with medical bills as much as their yearly income or more.

The study found that the poorer trauma patient, the greater chance they had of financial ruin. Although they were destroyed economically, poor trauma patients were unlikely to file for bankruptcy. Middle-class Americans with health insurance made up the majority of medical bankruptcies in the country.
If Obamacare is repealed, the number of uninsured will increase according to the Republican-led Congressional Budget Office. With traffic accident deaths and injuries on the rise, more people could be economically decimated if they are hurt in a car crash, property accident or slip and fall. USAttorneys recommends trauma victims contact an accident lawyer today. Our team of personal injury lawyers will take whatever steps necessary get you the full amount of compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to compensation for:

Surgeries or trauma treatment
Your doctor bills
Rehabilitation or physical therapy
If a negligent driver hurt you and you don’t have health insurance, you need to speak with an accident lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi immediately. You don’t have to accept financial ruin if you are the victim of another person’s negligence. When you retain one of our accident lawyers, they will work hard to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Call and set up a consultation with one of our legal team in Mississippi learn what types of compensation you might be entitled to for your pain and suffering. We can refer your case to one of our experienced team today.

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