Can a truck driver in Louisiana be sued for causing a speeding accident?

If a truck driver is guilty of speeding or driving too fast for roadway conditions, they can be sued if they cause an accident that results in another party suffering injuries. For instance, if a truck driver was distracted and neglected to slow down in time to avoid rear-ending a vehicle, he/she could be held financially liable for the injuries they cause another to suffer.


Holding a Truck Driver Liable for Causing a Speeding Accident in Louisiana


Truck drivers are held to a certain standard, primarily because they are operating heavy vehicles that could cause serious damage and deaths. When a trucker fails to meet this standard, they can be held accountable for their behavior. Holding a negligent trucker financially liable for an accident they cause isn’t always easy as there are a few steps a victim will need to take. This includes:


  1. Filing a claim with the insurance company.

If the truck driver was working for a company or for his/her own company at the time of the accident, they should have been insured. If insurance coverage is available, then the victim would typically need to file a claim with the insurance company before resorting to a lawsuit.


  1. File a personal injury lawsuit.

When insurance coverage isn’t available or benefits have been exhausted, a truck accident victim can then discuss with an attorney whether they have the grounds to file a lawsuit. If the truck driver’s employer is liable for accidents their drivers cause, then the lawsuit may need to be filed against them. In the event the employer is not liable for the crash, then the driver would be the subject of the lawsuit.

Whether a truck accident victim files an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, they will be expected to prove it was the trucker’s negligence that was responsible for causing the accident. Thankfully, there are skilled truck accident attorneys in Louisiana who can assist a victim with one or both processes.


Reasons to Hire an Attorney to Help File a Truck Accident Lawsuit


Most of the truck accidents that transpire often result in an individual suffering serious or life-threatening injuries. These injuries can make it difficult for them to complete their day-to-day tasks or return to work. And because a victim will likely want to spend time working toward recovering and getting their life back on track, the last thing they should have to deal with is a persistent insurance company or learning how to file a personal injury lawsuit.

The good news is, they don’t have to as there are truck accident lawyers in Louisiana who are willing to take on all the hard work for them. There are many benefits to retaining a lawyer following the occurrence of a truck collision, some of which include:

  • They will help an accident victim determine what the best course of action would be to take in order to recover the compensation they are due.
  • Help a victim decide when to accept a settlement if one is offered. When a truck accident victim receives a settlement offer, they should have a Louisiana truck accident attorney assess it to determine if the amount is reasonable and fair. All too often do insurance companies offer victims settlements early on and for amounts that do not reflect the true value of their claim.
  • They will help a victim understand their rights and ensure they are upheld.


If an individual was injured in a truck accident in New Orleans, Shreveport, or any other city in the State of Louisiana and they would like to receive a case evaluation to find out if their injuries warrant compensation, USAttorneys.com can help them locate a lawyer in their area