What is an impairment rating and how does it affect a workers’ compensation case in Florida?

When an individual suffers an injury at work and they seek medical attention, they expect to receive quality care. Unfortunately, not all doctors are created equal, and some do provide better care than others. If an individual who is receiving workers’ compensation benefits decides they are not happy with the care they are currently receiving and would like to switch physicians, they may be entitled to do so.

According to Florida Statute § 440.13(2)(f), an injured worker can request in writing that the insurance carrier allow them to change physicians for any one accident. Florida law only permits an individual to file a request one time. After the insurance company has received the written request to change doctors, it should grant it within five days.

Florida law also states that if the insurance company does not grant the request, “the employee may select the physician and such physician shall be considered authorized if the treatment being provided is compensable and medically necessary.” When choosing a physician, injured workers should first confirm with the insurer that the physician they are choosing is authorized to render care.


What if the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for care after switching doctors?


In the event an individual successfully switched workers’ comp doctors and now the insurance company isn’t wanting to cover their claims, they are encouraged to contact a Surfside, FL workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss this. While an injured worker can certainly contact the insurance company to find out why their care is no longer being covered, insurance companies aren’t always the easiest to deal with.

In fact, insurance companies often look for ways to deny or undervalue claims in order to protect profits, and rarely do they provide remedies once a claim has been denied.


Mario Trespalacios P.A. is Here to Help When a Workers’ Comp Recipient’s Claim is Denied


While many individuals assume that it is only necessary to hire a lawyer when they are looking to take another party to court, the workers’ comp attorneys at Mario Trespalacios P.A. are actually able to do much more than aid with litigation.

For instance, if a workers’ comp recipient had their medical benefits denied after they switched doctors, yet they are still entitled to receive care, a workers’ comp lawyer can contact the insurance company on their behalf to try and get the matter resolved. They can also help an injured worker file an appeal or bring their case to the attention of a workers’ comp judge.

Therefore, if an injured worker in Surfside, FL recently had their medical benefits denied and would like to find out what their legal options are, they are invited to contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer.


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