Iowa City, IABack pain and problems are one of the most common problems after an injury. Things like car accidents and work injuries are likely to result in some kind of trauma to this area due to strain, impacts, and the movements of discs and nerves in the back. One of the best ways for a person experiencing a back problem is to file a lawsuit and attempt to make the party responsible pay for all of the associated costs. An attorney who deals with injury cases can argue that the defendant must compensate the victim sufficiently to pay for their treatment and future financial burdens related to their back pain.  

Symptoms of chronic back issues

The victim will likely have to be formally examined by a doctor to determine the severity and duration of their back issues. However, there are some common signs that indicate the person will have a long term back problem. Some back injuries show no symptoms at all until weeks after an accident, which is why an evaluation by a health professional is so important.  

Many back injuries will start with minor forms of pain or irritation, especially when moving to sit or stand. If this irritation continues into the night, it can often cause insomnia as well. The pain may extend down to the legs after some injuries. The injured area may also start to experience swelling and numbness. If these symptoms continue for an extended period of time, it is imperative for the victim to get medical help, as this could indicate serious problems. 

Forms of compensation

An accident victim can try to sue the person responsible for their injuries for both the costs associated with medical treatment, as well as non-economic compensation for pain and suffering. A long term back injury may require multiple visits to doctors or chiropractors for treatment, and these costs can be expensive over time. The complaint that begins the lawsuit can project these costs for years into the future, and the victim’s attorney can argue that the client should be paid this amount through a settlement or verdict after a jury trial. Pain and suffering damages can try to place a value on the physical pain, inconvenience, and reduced quality of life that the victim experiences as well. A specific estimate of the long term costs of any back injury can be discussed with an attorney after an accident

Help from an experienced local law firm

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