The Reyes Law Firm Helps Victims of Aggressive Driving Accidents Exercise Their Right to Compensation

Lafayette, LA – Most people assume that their insurance company will help them with financial problems that result from a motor vehicle accident. While this happens much of the time to varying degrees, whether the company chooses to pay out the claim at all and the amount that will be covered depends on a number of different factors. Civil lawsuits are always an option because the victim can go directly to the person or business responsible for the collision and try to make them pay for medical treatment and other losses related to their accident

Why claim denials happen

Insurance companies deny claims all the time from their policyholders for a number of different reasons. Sometimes, the type of loss or damage simply is not covered under the relevant policy. Other times, the company will mistakenly try to not pay out any money at all by saying the policy has insufficient coverage relative to the losses. There are even times where these companies legitimately make mistakes and deny valid claims. 

Victims should keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses. This means that their ultimate concern is maintaining and generating profits rather than legitimately helping accident victims. The insurance industry does not necessarily have much to do with keeping drivers safe. They simply deal with claims as they come through. 

Lawsuits against the person at fault 

When a personal injury attorney reviews the situation, they can say that the driver or business that owns the vehicle was negligent for unsafe operation on the roads that resulted in damages. Negligence cases are very common after a car crash, and they accomplish a number of different goals.

Notice to the defendant that the plaintiff was injured and needs to be compensated is one thing that a negligence case does. The defendant is served with a formal copy of the initial complaint, and must answer through the local civil courts. The attorney for the defendant can either admit or deny the allegations in this initial pleading, and they may choose to settle the case if their fault is clear. 

Payment for injuries and other losses if the most important aspect of a civil negligence case. The victim can add up all of their costs related to healthcare, lost income, and various other problems and try to get compensation from the defendant for a comparable amount. This means that more severe accidents will usually result in a larger transfer of money. 

Advice from local attorneys

Miller,  Hampton, and Hilgendorf can help accident victims with the process to file lawsuits and deal with insurance companies. Potential clients in the Lafayette area can get in touch with the firm to get advice specific to their case. 

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